Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I sat down and pounded out a post.


It was a post about how otherwise kind, caring, hard working, upstanding people can be extremely wrong, and cruel.

The Mrs. went through something yesterday that really hurt her.  It didn't hurt her for herself.  No, it hurt her for a family member she has always cared about, and has always been able to identify with.

As I listened to the episode unfold on her end of the telephone, my extremely long fuse burned at a lightning pace.  

It made me curse.  

Out loud.

I won't tell you the words that came out of my mouth, but her eyes got big, and she said, " really is!"

Regardless, she was able to give comfort, and assurance of her love and concern through it all to a really good guy that we both care about.

I deleted the post.  The details are not important.

Junk like this reminds me to not let myself fall in the trap of "assuming" things to be true, just because the source is someone I've got respect for.  Even very good people can be wrong. 

And, cruel.


  1. I deleted the post. The details are not important. Ah, but writing about it was therapeutic, which is the important part. You never want to pack that negative energy around with you.

  2. That's sad Andy, hurts to see what people can do sometime. And nothing hurts as much as seeing someone you love be the victim.

  3. There's nuthin' wrong with a well-placed f-bomb. Or similar. Sometimes they's the ONLY words what fits.

    And what Deb said.

  4. It's sad when somebody you trust proves otherwise. But you did right, Andy.

  5. You hate it when something like that happens, it sure upsets the apple cart for a while. You did right Andy, get it out and be done with it.

  6. Thanks to you all. Yep, Deb...and really all of you, because I know you were thinking the same thing.

    It was cathartic.

    Man! Can you imagine nobody in a family notifying a man's only son that his father had died? I'm sure there will be the "Well, we'd lost touch with him, and didn't know how to find him" garbage. The Mrs. had lost his phone number when her cell phone cratered, too.

    It took me all of 7 seconds to locate him by his name, and the last town she remembered he lived in. 7 FRIGGIN' SECONDS!

    Bad thing is, The Mrs. didn't know that NOBODY had told him when she called to give her condolences, and tell him she looked forward to seeing him at the funeral on Friday. That's when the "F-bomb" slipped out of Yours Truly.

    Did I say the details weren't important? Pfffffffft!

    I'll get over it. And, she will, too.

  7. The details are important, though I do understand Deb's point.

  8. It is difficult to believe or understand how someone could treat someone else with so little regard.

    Writing is good for the soul.

  9. It had nothing to do with The Mayor and a sheep, say...25 years ago?



    Besides, those pictures are PhotoShopped


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