Friday, February 10, 2012

Tucker is coming along!


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

It's been a while since I showed y'all anything about Great Nephew Tucker that The Mrs. keeps care of several days a week.


The boy is really coming along.  Y'all might remember that a while back, I was harassing him big time, trying to make him walk.  I laughed like crazy when he threw a shoe, and cried like a little baby!  I still go back and look at that video when I need a good laugh!

But, no more...

I guess I'll have to come up with some new, and creative ways to tease him, and make him cry. I'll figure it out.

And, the boy can just ride the livin' snot out of a rocking horse, too!

Editorial note: The adult voice you hear in the video is Big Sis (his Grandma). She has a very nice voice, and does not usually talk baby talk in normal circumstances...only when she is messing with her ever exploding gaggle of grandchirren.  She made this video with her phancy new iPhone, and g-mailed it to me. Something got lost in the quality, but it's still just as cute as all get-out!

Yep! Tucker's coming along quite well. He needs a haircut, though.

Maybe I'll work on that when he comes to stay on Monday. (Y'all just keep that between us, okay?)


  1. Having met Tucker in person on one occasion, I can attest to his cuteness.
    Little people restore our faith, I truly believe that.
    As for the baby talk, probably a good thing that no one can hear me talk to my 10 month old granddaughter, it would totally ruin any credibility I have managed to establish in the blogosphere.

  2. We all act childish for out grandchildren. Just a few years ago, I had to play Peter Pan for my granddaughter Sara because she wanted to be Tinker Bell. Sara is now 11 and too old for those kind of games and I sure miss those days.
    Tucker is a handsome young man.

  3. Kartman, I bet you made a great Peter Pan for Sara!

  4. Kartman, I am hoping that someone had a video camera rolling.

    Jim, just think about the last sentence of your first comment for a while.

    ...two...three...four. :)

  5. Tucker is a cutey, Andy, and he's walks the walk.

  6. Yer music was perfect fer your video. Good job on that. And Tucker IS a cutie.

    I must be weird (DON'T go there) coz I never talked baby talk to my kids, grandkids, or great-grandkids. I DID do a lotta Bullwinkle for two of 'em though... which is a long story involving me buying the entire "Rocky and Friends" teevee show on VHS tape back in the day. For The Children, dontcha know.

  7. It's fun to watch them grow and experience new things. I enjoy my great-grandson as he is about Tucker'a age. Kids are what keeps us old geezers young!

  8. Tucker is a cutie. He will be running before you know it, and you will be chasing him.

    I don't talk baby talk to babies either, well, sometimes to my dog.

  9. Thanks for sharing these adorable videos. I miss these years with my son. Since he's coming up on the big 13 he thinks I embarass him now.

    My kid aint seen nothing yet:)


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