Friday, February 10, 2012



Truly, I am.

This little old corner of the globosphere has been nominated.  Not once, but TWICE for the coveted award known as the:

It's one of those things that you never really think will happen to you.  And, when it does, you're kinda speechless, and don't really know what to type out about it.

I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad, and The Mrs. for supporting me.  I want to thank all 17 readers for your loyal visits, and profound comments.  

And, of course, I want to thank God most of all for giving me great talent, and a humble spirit.  Those are two things that don't usually go hand in hand.

Just sayin'...

And, of course, I need to thank the committee of two, Bob, and Lou.  It's humbling, really.


Now, as the winner of a "Liebster Glob" Award, I'm supposed to pass it on to five other globs.  See, there's your trouble.  When you start naming names, you know you're gonna leave somebody out.  And, I love all my blog reads!  So, here's a list from my personal The GoobleReader.  (No links, because I'm lazy...but you can Gooble 'em easy enough).

Click on 'em to look at my favorite globbers, who ALL get one in my book!


  1. Congratulations Andy. You da' Man.

  2. You read a whole hella lotta blogs. I might read as many as you do but I do it the Ol' Fashioned way... none o' this Reader stuff. Except for hockey blogs... mainly coz I don't care about anyone other than that team from Dee-troit, so I ignore about 60% of what hockey bloggers blog about. Thus the Reader.

    Is a Liebster like a lobster? I meant to ask Lou that but fergot.

  3. Hot dog! Andy I knew you could do it. Now we can expect your blog to spiral to new heights of excellence!


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