Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will Timbow do it?


A Barksdale Airman wants a date with Timbow.

Will he do it?

Well heck, I would if I was him!

Just sayin'...

Looks like half of BAFB is pullin' for the gal.

C'mon, Timbow!  Do the Zoomies a solid!!!

(Stolden off Pat Austin)


  1. I'm afraid she's out of luck, girls have been doing this since '08 and Timbow hasn't responded to any of them yet.

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. I hope he does. I like Tebo and if he does this I will like him more.
    I don't think that he will ever be a top QB but I like the fact that he is not afraid to admit to being a Christian. That does not seem to be popular today.

  4. I agree with Kartman that it would be a good thing if Tebow accepted the girl's request. She's a girl in the US military and it would be good PR, not that he needs any.

    But I respectfully disagree with him about Tebow never becoming a top quarterback. There's another NFL quarterback who comes to mind who had a strong arm but who wasn't too accurate, rarely threw for over 300 yards, was big and tough, etc. In spite of all that, this guy still has 4 super bowl rings. I believe he played some college football down there in your home state, Andy. His name is Terry Bradshaw.

  5. I hope that you are right Dan.

  6. I hope you're all right. Except for Jim, of course.

  7. Isn't this Leap Year? I should make a video for Jesse. Or not.

    How can Tim say no without looking like an ass? But I kind of hope he does.

  8. Lou, it is indeed Leap Year. But, I'll admit that the reference stumped me.

    And, Jesse can do better. Just sayin'.

  9. Just to clarify my earlier (wet blanket) statement. I think it would be peachy keen if Tebow accepted this young woman's invitation. I was merely observing that there are already several videos on YouTube of girls asking Tebow on a date, to their sorority prom, etc.
    He has ignored them all. The law of probabilities indicates that he will ignore this one too.
    But it sure would be nifty if he said yes this time.

  10. Okay, Jim. I knew what you meant. And, I am still guffawing over the Lo comment.

  11. I'd say yes to that girl's Mom. Just sayin'.

  12. Nyuk! I actually thought about trying to get in touch with this chick, and suggest you as an alternate date justin case Timbow takes a pass.

    I didn't even think about Mom.



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