Friday, March 2, 2012

Might have figured out the "Comment Subscription" deal...(UPDATED!!!)


Update:  Yep!  The Globber has been fiddlin' with the knobs again (It weren't none of y'all, nor me)!  I wish that they would just find "Lever B," and do just that!  Seems that if your Glob settings are set to show comments in a pop up window, I CAN NOT SUBSCRIBE TO FOLLOW UP COMMENTS!  Thanks a whole helluva lot, Globber!  But, if you go to "design, settings, comments," and switch your settings to "show comments underneath the post you wrote/or something like that," the option to subscribe is still working.  For now.  I'm pretty sure some jerkified geek with coke bottle glasses, and a belly-button ring, is working hard right now to screw this up, too.  I guess when you're one of the most valuable companies on the earth, you MUST employ people...and those people gotta do something to earn their keep.  But, would y'all please just quit screwing with the knobs???  I mean...crochet, or something else valuable for Heaven's sake!

Let's see.  

Somebody please try to post a comment, and see if you can subscribe (You don't actually have to subscribe...just see if it gives you the option to do so).

Pretty please?  With sugar on top?

Let me know.



  1. I see both the "subscribe by email" and "subscribe to: post comments (atom)" clickable linky thingies.

    Also the comments are no longer opening in a separate window. Which is cool w/ me.

  2. test

    subscribe to post comments tag worked for me.

  3. Inno, and Anon...

    Thankee, thankee, thankee! It seems that The Globber has made another brilliant change which prevents comment subscription if comments open in a separate window.

    I switched it to "show comments below post," (because I finally noticed that the blogs I can subscribe to comments on all do it thataway).

    I truly appreshunate the hep! Now, I've gotta convince ALL my Globber reads to switch theirs, too.

    I swear, if it ain't one thing it's another!

    I just have this dreadful feeling that once I get everybody switched, The Globber will EX the feature on this layout, too.

    I wish they'd quit fiddlin' with the knobs!!!

    1. They DO have that annoying habit o' fixin' shit that ain't broke, don't they?

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself, Buck.

  5. I have no idea what any of you just said, with the possible exception of Buck. I still can't figure how to drop a link in comments, and Buck even sent me a template!

    But I can do italics!

  6. Moogie, I will send you a tutorial. Buck probably doesn't type southern good enough to 'splain.

    My buddy Two Dogs sent me an e-mail explaining that this is a good thing. All you have to do is turn off comments in a pop up. Now it works. TD also noted that it is very good, because you can subscribe to comments on a particular post by e-mail without actually posting a comment.

    Imma try that.

    1. Buck probably doesn't type southern good enough to 'splain.

      Ahem. You're talkin' to a Jawja Boy, born and raised (by a Jawja Mama, in other parts o' the world). I speak Suthin' as well as the next guy.

  7. Yeah, Buck...I know. But there's a difference in speaking it and typing it.

    No offense intended.


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