Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tucker Time!


As y'all know, The Mrs. keeps care of our Great Nephew, Tucker, several days a week.  But...due to our "Vacation," and other circumstances, he hasn't been around Andy's Place much the last couple of weeks.

But, he was today.

Seems that The Mrs. decided to use her ONE DAY with Tucker to try to educate him on some of the finer things in life.  You know...culture him up!

When I got home from my day job, I found that she'd been giving him piano lessons (she's a good piano player, and should really sit down and do it more, but that's another story).

It ain't exactly Ferrante & Teicher.  But, it sounded good to my tired old ears.

I think the kid has a future.

And, I also discovered that she had taught him the fine art of putting a wicker trash basket on his head!  

CULTURE is important for chirrens in they learnin' years!

Always remember, and don't never forget that!  Just sayin'...

The voice you hear in the video is Tucker's Mama, not The Mrs.  

(DANGIT ANDY!!! Remember to turn your dang phancy new iPhone sideways to make a video if you plan to download it on to The YouTube...sigh.)


  1. Tucker is a real cutie and I agree that he looks like he's on track to be a pianer player of the first order. But I really like that second video too; he's walking along so confidently, enjoying this new deal and then suddenly it's old hat and he's done with it and he turns around looking for something new. Gotta love them younguns.

  2. That Tucker is too cute! He very good with the trash basket on his head. Years ago, Toby and I were buying a large trash can at Wal-Mart. We let GBN1 ride in the trash all through the store. She would pop up and scare people, but the best was when she popped up and scared the Wal-Mart employee who insisted on checking the trash can before we left the store - as if we were thieves. No, we were grandparents training our grand-baby to be silly.

  3. "Excuse me, Sir... Can ya tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?"

    Practice, Man... practice."



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