Saturday, April 14, 2012



I don't know if any of y'all can hep me on this one, but at this purnt, I'm axin' everybody.  Maybe one of y'all can.

Several years ago a fambly member of The Mrs. decided to put together a book of genealogy research that was done by The Mrs.' Grandma Ryker.  

The Mrs. wrote the foreword for it, for said relative (who has now she is NO HELP AT ALL in trying to get this did). 

Anyway, her Grandma Ryker was truly an "unforgettable character."  (Trust me.  She was.  She was running 160 head of cattle at the old fambly farm just a couple of years years before she croaked herself at the age of 81.)

It really is an interesting fambly history that the Mrs.' now deceased Grandma & the croaked relative (who is NO HELP AT ALL) put together.  There were several copies of it self-printed, and EVERYBODY had one.  But do they now?


Nobody can find their copy, and EVERYBODY wants one.

So, "Who has the ONLY SURVIVING COPY?" you ask.

You guessed it.  


So, I'm cruising online trying to figure out how to get this self-made, bound, book reproduced.  And, I really can not find anything that doesn't cost an arm and two legs.  

Short of tearing the only remaining copy of it apart limb from limb, scanning each page (191...count 'em, 191 pages!) in .pdf format, and printing out copies for all the retards that lost theirs (and I'd still not be able to bind it all up), I'm at a loss for what to do.

If y'all got an idea/source that would not cause Andy to have to expend much of his EXTREMELY valuable time, or limited funds, I'm all ears.

This really is a cool deal.  Grandma Ryker didn't just chronicle births and deaths.  She spent 20+ years putting together not only the story of The Mrs.' family (her Daddy's side).  It's an interesting look in to the trials, struggles, lifestyles of the folks of NW stinkin' Arkansas, too.  

She was a skooteacher, and a brilliant woman who had no problem at all "instructing" folks.  I liked her, and she liked me.  She had a picture of Ronald Reagan in her living room.  (Ya' know...kinda like how Roman Catholics had a picture of The Pope, and black folks had one of them side by side pictures of JFK/MLK back in them days).

There are dozens of photos in the book.  This is one of The Mrs.' favorite pages.  She loves it, because it's got one of her kinfolk, "Prudence Pendergrass" in it.  (The blur on the left is due to the fact that I can NOT bring myself to start tearing this book limb from limb, and my scanner is cheap).

She was an attractive woman, if you ask me!

So...this is probably the biggest shot in the dark I've taken on this here glob.  But, any hep/advisements/etc. would be greatly appreshunated!

Sure, I could just hand over THE ONLY SURVIVING COPY OF GRANDMA RYKER'S PASSIONATE WORK to somebody else that wants one, to handle the reproduction deal.  

But, I don't trust the retards.

I mean...if they lost their first copy, they'll likely lose ours. too.  And, I can not let that happen.  Period!



  1. I'm no help at all, I don't see any way out but the expensive way.
    Get in touch with Rex, if anyone can help you he probably can.

  2. Good idea, Jimbo! Thanks! I hadn't thought about Rex.

    You da' man!

  3. Andy, That's a mighty big book which means it could get costly. What about FedexKinkos?

    This article might help:

    Here's a couple of other possiblilities:

    That's all I got. Get ready to open your billfold.

  4. Dan, I appreciate the hep! Better save up some coins...or send the bill to the crowd that wants another copy, so they can lose it.

  5. My ideer: tell the morons to look again, look harder.


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?