Saturday, April 14, 2012

One of the bestest things I've looked at on TV in a coon's age!


As y'all know, I rarely look at TV.  But, last night I was extremely bored, and my aching back is aching due to something that happened on my day job (which I will not go in to).  So I got horizontal pretty early on, and decided to look at some TV.  And, I happened across something REALLY entertaining.

The Academy Of Country Music did some kind of TV show with the great Lionel Richie (giving him tribute for his stellar career as a songwriter/performer/whatever).  I call him "great," because he really is.  It was a really WAY cool show.  I thought about posting a bunch of YouTube videos from it, but you can Gooble it on The YouTube it if you want to, and see the whole dang thing.

I think this was my favorite performance.

This one was good, too...

I swear...that was the best couple of hours of TV I've looked at since college football shut down until next September!



  1. I could listen to Jennifer Nettles all day.

  2. I watched that one too. Well worth the time.

  3. Lionel Richie IS great.

    As for "best thang on teevee..." that would be the NHL playoffs, goin' on as we speak. Literally, it's the first intermission in the Wings-Preds game.


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