Saturday, May 19, 2012

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  1. Thanks for turning your blog back on. There are days when the ONLY fun on the whole internet is Andy's Place.

  2. Thanks Inno. You're a fabulous liar.

    And, I love you for it!

  3. "I wasn't really lying, I just was wrong".
    What, are you getting ready to run for mayor or something?
    Glad to see you posting something!

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Nope! Not running for Mayor.

    Maybe for Dog Catcher.

    That is very kind of you to say, Jimbo.

    Pam was taking a nap.

    When left to my own devices, I'm really dangerous.

  5. You would make a fine mayor. Maybe a better dog catcher.

  6. A MUCH BETTER DOG CATCHER, than Mayor, Kartman.

    MUCH better...

  7. Your friend's cycling story is a bit scary since Toby and I both cycle - him more than me. Once a month is more than I can handle. Had to say that.

    It is good to hear that your son is home. I know you are looking forward to spending time with him. Jesse is still single...

    While tiling the shower, Toby raised up and hit his head on the pipe thangie and cut quite a gash on his head - left a nice moon shaped flap. We did not glue it back to his head, but put some alkie-hall on it and a band-aid. It healed nicely. He managed to put the gash on that part of his forehead without any hair - no need to cut his hair, although he keeps it pretty short anyway.

    Glad you posted. Keep us up to date on your life.

  8. Thanks, Lou! I almost didn't post that piece of garbage after I piled it up.

    But, I figured, "What the heck..."

    As far as Jesse still being single...I'll bring it up with him.

    Trust me, I will.

    She's such a beautiful, funny, sweet, and talented lady.

    And, an Okie, too!

  9. Hi, Andy!!! It's good to see your face, even though I see your alter-ego on Facebook all the time. Somehow it's just better to visit with you at Andy's Place.

    Enjoy your visit with Dean!

    I vote for a Memorial Day post -- not sure I can wait til Independence Day.

  10. Hi Moogie! Actually I think my alter-ego face looks a lot better than the real deal.

    Especially on Sattidy afternoon...

    I actually thought about doing that post on Memorial Day (because it is relevant). But, I've decided to wait until Independence's like an "Anniversary" deal, and one of the players involved in the event will himself be back from Afghanistan by then.

    I want to talk to him first. Might make the post worth a read.

  11. Man, it's great to see you back on the blog. You have been missed by a whole lotta folks!

  12. Scooney...thanks! I was lying about the hundreds of e-mails wanting to know how I was durrin'!

    Actually didn't have but TWO...and they were spam.


    Come back around on Independence Day. Hopefully there will be something worth a read.

  13. Dude, didja give up on shaving every day?

  14. Nope! Shaved right after I made the V-log.

    Took a bath, too.

    It WAS Sattidy, ya' know...

  15. Glad that you decided to come back, since you're one of the few (okay, right now the only) male reader my blog has. Nothing against all the ladies that are my regulars, but I might have some 'splaining to do if my wife ever read there and discovered my clientele was almost universally female, don'tcha think?

    1. Dave, I'm pretty sure your wife KNOWS that you are hot, and women are attracted to you.

      It's a curse. Trust me, I know.

      I don't think it would bother her ONE BIT...but if she ever gets close to a computer, break her fingers, and tell her to make you a sammich!

  16. What everybody else already said. V-logs are GOOD.

    Tell Dean I said Welcome Home.

    1. Well Buck...some of 'em are.

      Not my best effort. Next post will be typed out.

  17. Hey Andy. I know how hard it is to shut the door on a blog. You've seen me do it once or twice. Hope things are going good for you ;-)


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