Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I almost forgot to wish myself a happy blogiverssary!


I'm iz five years old today on The Globber.

And, I almost forgot that I was turning five today.

It all started with this.  (Interestingly, the links, and video are still active...surprised the heck out of me)!

Gotta admit that I've walked away from her about a dozen times, but she always beckons me back.

The Globber is an evil mistress.

Truth is, I'm pretty dang wo' out with her, though.

The Failbook is a lot more fun (when I have time to screw around with her).

Many thanks to you all for putting up with my foolishness lo these many years.

This is post #2992.

I thought about going for the 3,000 mark!  But, I'm not sure I've got it in me.

The bad thing about having a blogiverssary is that you get to looking back at old posts, and realize that your glob was once occasionally, "funny."  (If only for yourself).

I guess five year old blogger men kinda' lose their edge.  Well, at least this one has.

The proof is in the archives, and archives don't lie.

Love y'all!  I mean it.