Friday, December 19, 2008


Not only did LSU stink up the SEC this season...Governor Bobby stunk up his first year in office. WAFB has an article about Bobby's first season as head coach of Louisiana.

Yep, it's been less than a year since Bobby Jindal assumed office...and what a "less than a year" it has been. Now, y'all don't get me wrong...Bobby is still my buddy. In fact, here are a couple of pictures of me clowning around with him at his Inaugural Ball in Baton Rouge...that was a fun evening that I will never forget...especially that dance that I had with Mary Landrieu.

Bobby has had so much good press outside of Louisiana that y'all may not know what a poor job he's done. He got accolades from leading conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, & Grover Norquist...and a bunch of others. There was swirling talk about Bobby being McCain's running mate...and now he's already on everybody's short list to run for President in 2012. Louisiana conservatives elected Bobby to go down and beat the snot out of the worthless liberal crooks that elevated Louisiana to the top of every "bad list" for the last 40 years. As much as I like Bobby, it has been very, very disappointing. We've had to drag Bobby kicking and screaming into every tiny break we could get. His reluctance to lead has caused many LA conservatives to leave the Republican Party...some openly saying they wish they had never supported him.

I'm giving him grace. I know he's bit into a tough nut, and he may have a grand strategy that will fool us all. But y'all don't get too excited just yet about new "conservative leadership" least not out of Louisiana.


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