Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback...(week 4)

Y'all might remember that I predicted "Upset Saturday" in my weekly picks. Man, sometimes I astound myself! I did pretty good this week. How good? Let us see...

Ole Miss v. South Carolina
- South Carolina will upset #4 Ole Miss at home 16 - 10 on Thursday night. Oh wait! That was last night...I'll have to check and see how that one went...and I'll get back with y'all on it.

I can't really count that one as an accurate pick. I cheated.

#1 Florida v. Kentucky
- Kentucky will upset Florida 24 - 20, but will not ruin Florida's season. Florida will rebound and play in the BCS championship game with one loss.

We may as well start with the game that I was most wrongest about! I made this pick with the knowledge that the Florida Gators were beset with the flu. If you did not know it, they were! Just in case you missed the 72,000+ times the morons at ESPN mentioned it...FLORIDA HAD THE FLU! AND TEBOW HAD UPPER RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS! REALLY, HE DID!

After watching the game, I have come to believe that even if Godzilla had the flu, upper respiratory problems, and perhaps two broken legs, he still would have stomped and eaten a bunch of Japs.

Good grief, when I made my pick I did not realize that Kentucky has not one player that could not pass for a midget rassler! Jeepers, I have not seen a team that small since Junior High. I will do better research before I pick against Florida again.

But WOW! One of those Kentucky Mildcats put a hickey & a half on Tebow before he was carted to the locker room hurling up lunch. That boy hit Timbow so hard he knocked the flu out of him.

I'm pretty sure that Tim would have just gotten up from the hit and congratulated the poor little fellow with a smile and a "good hit," if he didn't have upper respiratory trouble, or the flu. HE DID YOU KNOW. HE REALLY DID!

stinkin' Arkansas v. #3 Alabama - 'Bama struggles, yields 400 yards passing to the Hogs, but prevails in Tuscaloosa by 9.

I was stunned by the Alabama defense! I am not often stunned by a defeat of stinkin' Arkansas, but it was a laugher, which I did not expect. Alabama may be the best team in the nation at this point.

Iowa v. #5 Penn State - Iowa will once again humiliate the Lions before the home folks...I'm figuring by 10 points. (You can not really call this an "upset," because it is the Little 10 and they all suck anyway).
I am a stinkin' genius!
Never doubt me...

#6 Cal v. Oregon - Oregon will redeem their opening day loss, and beat #6 Cal by 7. (Once again, it is not really an "upset," because it is the Pac-10, and they all suck anyway).
I knew that Oregon would upset Cal, but I thought that at least Cal would try to defend the morons that made them #6 in the polls. Once again, I was mistaken. It was a murderous blowout with Oregon out-gaining Cal by over 300 yards. Now, THAT is a butt-whipping. rosy red hiney.

#7 my Beloved LSU Tigers v. Mississippi State - LSU wins by 21 on the road. The head-scratching deal of all of this is that if I am right, LSU will likely be ranked #3 or 4 in the polls on Sunday morning...and we will still not know if we're worth spit.

Well, now I know what we are worth...just a tiny bit more spit than MS State. If we had been playing a competent football team, this one would have gone in the L column for sure. It was the worst performance I have seen by an LSU team in a long time. It took a goal-line stand on the two centimeter line to avoid a loss at the end of the game. We will likely retain a Top 10 ranking...but at this point, it is not deserved.

So, I picked 4 winners, and 1 loser in Kentucky (when I'm wrong, I'm REALLY REALLY WRONG). Except for the Iowa stuffing of Joe Pa, I was WAY off on the spreads. But I'm still counting this as a 4-1 week...dropping my season accuracy average to .808.

And to wrap it up:

Slippery Rock upsets Indiana 7-3 (No, not Indiana...Indiana U. of Pennsylvania)

The Tribe of William & Mary continue to roll with a 30-20 win over Delaware. The #5 ranked Tribe improves to 4 - 0!


  1. I must admit that I was stunned at the return of the 1978 We Suck Bulldogs. I cannot remember the last time that We Suck actually played this poorly.

    And still almost beat Number Seven, even beating them by Begas standards.

    LSU drops two slots in the A-Pee.

  2. Two slots is both "kind," and "generous" Paul...

    Since you are a We Suck Bulldogs historian, I will not question your authority to proclaim the We Suck performance as one of the poorest in your memory.

    But the opening game of 2008 in Ruston, against a non-SEC Bulldog team, was just about as bad as it gets.

    Not to mention, the GA Tech game, the Vols fiasco, the 'Bama shellacking, and the butt whippin' by Ole Miss.

    But I'm gonna trust you on that one...

  3. That settles I-ow-wah knuckle-draggin' corn violaters opened a can of whupass on the mighty Penn State!!! Wooohoooo!!

    And William & Mary are 4-0!!!!


    I can die now, happy ;)

  4. Actually, I forgot the trifecta: Paul has declared Barry a dumbass!


    NOW I can die happy ;)

  5. Skunks, you have no idea how happy I am for you.

    Have a happy death. ;)


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