Friday, January 22, 2010

Just in case you don't know what Brown's election "REALLY" means...

Well, "Katrina Mary" Landrieu has cleared it all up for us.

It has long been a point of pride with me to be represented by the fine mind of Mary. I even signed up for her e-mail newsletter. I'll swear, sometimes it's funnier than Dave Barry!

Mary is likely the most inept moron on her side of the aisle. Now, you may argue that your (D)imwit Senator can top her. But, I'm sticking with my claim that she is at the top of the stupid heap. (It's a State pride thing)

The Hill is reporting that yesterday, Mary said, "I would like to finish this healthcare debate and move on to energy jobs and help for small business," she told reporters. "The longer the healthcare debate goes on, I think it is more difficult for us to do the important work, not that it's not important."

Now, certainly I would expect Mary to say that. Mary is lobbying hard for the House to just go ahead and pass the Senate bill in it's original form, with no changes. Here's the kicker:

"I think that's a clear message from the elections of this weekend," she said of Brown's win, which occurred Tuesday.

Well, there ya' go! Now I know what Brown's election really means. Now, I know what Massachusetts voters meant when they rejected a candidate that supported the Senate bill. You see, it means they want it. They don't want a Senator who said he would vote against it, like the one they elected. That's clearly the message from Brown's election!

I'll tell y'all...Sometimes Mary can be pretty dang ass-toot!


  1. Don't know much about Mary, other than the Katrina ineptness. I've got durbin and that other little weasel that took obama'a place in the senate. (burris? he's a mess)
    but it does sound like she trips over a phrase here and there and the logic twists out of her grasp pretty regular. I'm hearing that a R will replace burris in Nov. but I'm not real excited, they all seem caught up in the corrupt system. I like Sarah but now she's campaigning for the Az toad.

  2. In case there was ever any doubt that Landrieu was an idiot, she cleared that right up, huh?

  3. fshafer, thanks for checking in. I feel your pain. Durbin is one powerful pea-brain...and Burris...well, at least just a short-timer.

    Paul, Mary truly is the gift that just keeps on giving. She's not quite Maxine Watters, but she can hold her coat in a catfight.

  4. I can't complain about my senators... Cornyn and Hutchison. Except that I think ol' Kay is dumb for going after Rick Perry.

    But, yeah. Your Gal Mary makes me laugh quite a bit.

  5. Yeah Buck, you've got two of the best of the lot for sure.

    And, I'm with ya'. I can't figure Kay out on this one. I don't know what her chances are, but it sure seems odd to me to go after Rick.

    Oh well.

  6. Yep -- our Mary is sometimes just a little north of dyslexic.

  7. Heh! Poor Mary...sheesh! Looks like Mitch is gonna replace "Every GD Greyhound in the country" Nagin...but that's just what I hear.


    But you know...of all the Landrieus, I like Mitch the best. He's probably just as lib as them all, but he's got class, and smarts. (Actually, that's just a view from afar...I really don't know much about the guy, but he definitely does not turn me off like Katrina Mary does)


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