Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a quick observation by The Mrs.

We were watching a local news report featuring the owner of a tanning salon in the area.

She was ticked off that her industry (mostly female owned), and her customers (mostly female) were being hit with a 10% tax by the new Health Care Deform bill that ObozO just signed.  If you think about it, it does unfairly target women...especially white women.  I mean, I don't reckon there are many black, or Hispanic gals that hit the tanning beds.

I guess I had missed this, but the report said the "tanning tax" had replaced the "cosmetic surgery tax" that was in the original bill.  Sure enough, it did.  (btw, the link is worth hitting just for the "view."  Just sayin'...

The Mrs. observed, "Well of course!  Nancy Pelosi and those ugly skag Democrats don't want to pay taxes on their Botox, or face lifts."


  1. No major analysis needed, women cut right to the core.

  2. Don't forget that Nancy may just be tempted to write an earmark into a bill to pay for her needs. Of course, that might be unethical, and would, therefor, not likely ever happen.

  3. The Mrs is very astute - but I knew that already.

  4. One woman blog-bud of mine canceled her tanning salon membership today... strictly on an "I refuse to pay the tax" basis. It's sad the small bid'niz owners are gonna take it in the shorts, but this is just the beginning. Hell, the law is barely a day old.


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