Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Humpday Hottie..."Good wife" edition...

Okay, call me a Chauvinist!

But, I find good wives extremely hot.  Studies have shown that women who are good housekeepers, good cooks, are concerned about the raising of their children, and such "wifely things," have much much happier husbands, and a more fulfilling sex life.

It's true.  I know, because I read it somewhere on the computer!

Now, I don't believe that a wife should be responsible for all the family, or household duties...especially if she is engaged in employment outside the home. But, when you find a woman like today's "Humpday Hottie," it really doesn't matter how she looks.

Any woman that'll take out the trash is hot in my book!


  1. This appears as if someone is throwing away a perfectly good wife!

  2. Yeah Paul, that pretty well shows what they think of their wives.

    Sully, Nyuk...

  3. Wasn't it a libtard comedian that made famous, "take my wife, please"?


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