Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Post...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada... (better pack a lunch)

Howzabout a little III act play this Sunday?


Look, I want to give y'all a thumbnail sketch of what's going on at Andy's Place.  Over the last few years my full-time small business has seen a steady decline.  I suppose a lot of businesses have experienced that, so I'm not upset.  I'm just facing the reality that it's not likely to ever be what it once was, and I can't just sit here and get creamed.

I intend to keep my business operating, but honestly it can be operated on a part-time basis, still providing some decent income.  I have come to grips with the fact that I can't rely on it for the income necessary to take care of my family, and have much of a cushion as I head into old age.  I will be 51 in a few weeks, and the "retirement years" will be here before I know it.

So, I have taken a full-time job.  It is not a "dream job," and it's not a "crappy job."  It's just a job.  It's a job that pays decent money, in a field that I do have some interest in.  At my age, with my limited skill set, and lack of pedigree, there are not a whole lot of options.  But, I am pleased with what I have found, and am grateful to God for the opportunity.  

I will do well with this company.  How do I know?  Because whatever I have done in my life on the "work" side, I have done with all my heart.  I have always thrown myself headlong into it, and put forth my best effort.  I'm not bragging.  That's just the truth.  God made me that way.  I couldn't sluff off if I wanted to, because it is not in my nature.

I can not say that I am excited about it.  But, I can say that I am optimistic about my prospects with this company.  And, at my age, "optimistic" sure beats the stuffing out of the alternative.  I am bringing a solid work ethic, a dookie-load of personal experience, and the maturity of years that is rare in the field (in other words, I'm the "old guy" on the job...older than the other workers, the Supervisors, and really everybody else).  So, I look optimistically toward the future.  Will it work out?  Dunno.  We shall see.

However, it's gonna be a bunch of work.  I am going to be putting in 40 plus hour weeks for The Man, taking care of my own small business in the evenings, and on weekends (with help from The Mrs., of course), and also doing the paperwork, correspondence, etc. for my Dad's business.  And, of course trying to carve out time for the family.  Gonna be one busy puppy.  I'm not complaining, mind you.  At this stage in my personal life I need to be busy for a variety of reasons.

I'd like to keep this blog going.  It has been such a fun thing to do.  The people I've met (virtually, and personally), the things I've learned about others, and the great fellowship of the blogging community has been a real pleasure.  But, I'm only likely to get one post up a week, maybe (probably on Sunday)...and I'm not likely to really have the time to visit other sites very much.  So, if I disappear from your comment logs, it's nothing personal.

It's just biniss! 

So, that's it.  Now, let's get on with this play, okay?

Act 1:  

This week I had to get a Social Security card.  Oh sure, I have a number, but when you go to work for somebody you have to present proof of your number (unless you're an illegal alien, which I am not).  Can you believe that I have not needed a Social Security card in about a million years?  I remember filing for it when I went to work for my Dad's store at 16 (I think that's when I got it).  I got my card, and I think I did need it when I registered for college at Louisiana Tech in 1977.  I remember seeing it in my wallet some time in my early 20's, but I'm pretty sure it got washed, or lost, or something.

I didn't think too much about it, because I always knew my number.  And, I only actually went to work for one other "employer" in all those years.  I just told him my number, and we were cool.  The great bulk of those years I have worked for myself, and just never needed to prove to myself who I was.

Regardless, I had to get one.  So, I downloaded the form to get a replacement SS card, filled it out, and hauled my cookies over the SS Office to get it done.  If you haven't looked at the form lately, let me show you something that just jumped up and slapped me.

Look here at Box #6.  Ethnicity?  And, the box only singles out two.  What in the infierno is it about our gubmit forms lately that are so stinkin' curious about whether somebody is Hispanic or Latino?  I mean, why do they get their own box?  

We saw this recently with the 2010 Census.  Even in follow-up interviews, Census workers asked more questions about whether you were a wetback than how many folks you had jammed in the trailer!  What's up with this fixation the gubmit has with Hispanics & Latinos?

Now, to be fair it is a "voluntary" question, which I did not answer.  But, what's got me stumped on this deal is that Box #7 (also a voluntary question) could easily handle voluntary Box #6.

Couldn't they just put "Hispanic," and "Latino" over there in Box #7?  Maybe that's not a race, or something.  Maybe that's an ethnicity, and I'm too stupid to know the difference.  Yeah, that's probably it.  Anyway, it seems that every stinkin' something that comes from the gubmit wants to know if you're one of 'em.  I can't figure out why they even ask the question.  I mean, heck it's for a Social Security card, not for your profile on for heaven's sake!

Act II:

8 years?  Man, what a difference 8 years makes!  

I had to renew my driver's license this week.  It is going to expire in a few weeks, and I'm going to be occupied for the foreseeable future, so I figured I'd better get that handled.  It has been 8 years since I had a photo taken for a license.  In Louisiana, the license expires every four years, but on the 4th anniversary they send you a little sticker to put on the back, so you don't have to physically go in to renew it.

But, on the 8th anniversary it's time to go do the death walk at the DMV.  I've got to brag on the DMVs in Louisiana.  At one time, it was sheer hell going to the DMV.  But now everything is streamlined, and moves quickly.  I hit the DMV at 2:15 pm on Friday afternoon (an extremely busy time).  The large waiting room was jammed, and people standing around the walls.  At 3:20 I walked out completely done.  I actually sat there and counted the folks that were handled ahead of me.  42 people got their business done in roughly one hour.  Now, that ain't bad!  

But man, what a difference 8 years makes.

Nyuk!  I showed my Momma, and she said, "Andy, you look like a convict!"  Nyuk!  I think it's worth noting that when the old photo was taken, I was in a business that required me to work nights and sleep days.  And, I didn't cut a lot of grass back then, either.  Thus the change in complexion.  The acceleration of ugliness has no explanation other than just the 8 years.

Act III:

I'm gonna leave y'all with a little local giggle.  The race for Mayor of Shreveport is heating up.  I do not live in that city, so I can not vote, but of course the spillover of the campaign crosses the river.  Now, Cedric Glover is the incumbent Mayor, and is running for reelection.  Cedric is a big boy!  I know that's probably RAAAAAACIST, but he sho 'nuff is!  When I say big, I mean BIG!  Some of the funniest web search results from visitors to Andy's Place come from people searching for information on Cedric Glover.  I've only done a few posts about him, but people hit this place often, usually searching for stuff like "How fat is Cedric Glover," or "Cedric Glover weight," or "Cedric Glover at Golden Corral," or some such thing.

Anyway, over at As Seen in Shreveport, somebody posted a shot of a bit of campaign billboard vandalism that just made me bust out laughing.  It may not be funny to you if you haven't met His Honor personally.  But I have, and I can attest.  It's funny!

(Click on it to get the BIG picture)


Well, that's gonna be it for this week, y'all!  

I love all y'all.  I really do, and hope you know it.  Y'all be praying for me as I start my new job, and try to keep all the plates spinning, okay?  I know you will.

Y'all have a great week!  I'll try to catch up and tell y'all about things next Sunday.


  1. Andy,
    Congratulations on the job!
    Believe it or not, I still have my original SS card from 1963.
    Poor Cedric, he is a big target this year!

  2. Thanks Jimbo! And, if you tell me something, I believe it.

    Cedric...big target...


  3. Although it may not be in the way you wanted, I'm glad God granted provision for you. You will find time to blog - 'cause you will just have to share stuff.

    The Mayor story is lol funny.

  4. Thank you, Lou. That is very kind of you. Yes, I am grateful to God.

  5. Congrats on the job... and I hear ya about doin' well coz that's how you're built. I know someone built like that, too. ;-)

    Lou is right. I think you WILL find time to blog, mebbe not long, masterful pieces of prose but lil short hits here and there. This blogging gig gets in your blood.

    And yeah, the Mayor Cedric billboard IS funny!!

  6. Well done getting a job, Andy. Of course those of us who really want a job always find one - as long as we aren't too picky.

    I lost my SS card a week after I got it and have never had one since.

    I thought DL pics were supposed to make you look like a convict?

  7. Buck, thank you, sir! "Maybe" is probably right. I doubt it will be much, though. And, I do know which particular somebody you are referring to.

    Barry, it took me the whole of three days to get a job. I am in the "not too picky" crowd right now. You'd think that more folks would be. And obviously my new employer is not too picky, either. So, here we go.

    As to the DL...well, I never thought about it before, but you're probably right. In fact, I've seen some DL photos from folks that would probably wish they looked that good. ;)

  8. Why are we just learning of this? Andy, if you had problems you should have come to us, your friends :)

    Really, Bud, you'll be an asset any where you roam.

    I'll keep stopping by...I know you'll have some interesting experiences you can't wait to share.

    I have a really good DL photo, and, to boot, it hasn't change a bit in years. That's because it's the same one from 1992. I just keep adding blue stickers. Last year I paid double, so for another eight years I'll be same age as then.
    Ageless. A woman's dream come true!

  9. Nancy, they only let you get away with that for 8 years in finally gotta get old if you live here.

    The reason I'm just now talking about this is that it is really not all that serious. It's just time to make some changes. Just shifting gears in life. But, thanks for the kind sentiments, as always.

    Get ready for school!

  10. Congrats on the new adventure, Andy! I can't wait to meet your new colleagues via Andy's Place (because, of course, you know you'll have to introduce them to us!) Your new boss needs to know what a treasure he/she has found, and we'll be just the folks to fill him/her in. I hope you enjoy yourself!

    My SS card is kinda rotted around the edges -- some years back, some charming children wandered into our house via an open garage door and helped themselves to my purse. A few years later a neighbor kid was playing around in the storm drain and found said purse in the muck! My billfold was still in it, but the contents were in sad shape. I kept that card, though, and it was accepted when I began teaching at UALR!

    The sticker thing on the DL cracked me up the first time I got one. But, I gotta tell ya -- I just cringe at the thought of having to go to the OMV. It appears to be a bit more streamlined up in northern LA!

  11. The only difference I see in the DL photos is that you have a tan in the more recent one. True, you shaved your head, but that ain't nothing.

  12. Dangit, I am having hiccups with the Firefox today.

    The social security card? We filled out the forms in Mrs. Taylor's fourth grade history. I filled mine out as Paul Mitchell, but that is not my full name. You can imagine the problems I had the first time I got a job. It would have been easier to just change my danged name.

  13. Congrats on the job! It seems that those of us who really want one can seem to find one. They said when I retired I'd have a hard time, but I had 3 job offers the 1st month! Didn't have a problem when I moved here either! Had to get a SS card when I retired. Didn't matter that I had a retired mil. ID card and had to have a SS card to get into the mil, had to have that card! Got the card in our document safe now, so no big deal. Have fun at work. Wait'n on the cool weather to hit GA. Also means College football!! Whoo HOO! See you later.......Paul the Fireguy

  14. Paul Mitchell: Man, I bet that has caused some trouble. You shoulda' put the R----- deal as your front name. Sigh.

    Paul the Fireguy: Thank you sir! Yes sir, if you want to work you can. And, don't hold your breath on the cool weather, because I'd have for one of your mates to have to give you CPR. Thanks for checking in, and thanks again for the well wishes.


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