Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby shower...


The Mrs. has gone to a baby shower this afternoon. 


My nephew's wife (who I truly love) is in the fambly way.

I've told y'all before how much I love this little gal. She is smart, full of life, a hard worker, and has got goals. She's definitely the best thing that ever happened to my nephew.

Anyway, The Mrs. got put in charge of procurement for the cake. Knowing that "niece-in-law" is a huge LSU Tiger fan, and that the bouncing baby bun in the oven is a boy...and that the proud parents to be are the most sane of humans that have decorated the nursery in Purple & Gold, she got this here cake baked.


And, when you put a coin in the little piggy bank on top, this here plays:

This shall be a blessed child, and a blessed afternoon for all attending the baby shower.

It's an omen.


  1. Cute indeed! I just have to ask, though -- when you feed the piggy, is the "Go Tigers" chant the one that ends with, "L-S-U," or the one that ends with "Kick their grass," (or a word to that effect?)

    My Hogs are in a thunderstorm delay and I'm bored.

  2. Yeah, I saw that your Hawgz is runnin' away from weather. Can't say I blame 'em. I got cotched in one of those once, and it's best to be inside and grounded.

    It really is a neat cake, and a fabrulous hog bank. I tried it myself with quarters. I am four dollars poorer for it.

  3. Nice cake. Your Tigers, OTOH, are having a tough time of it. So far. But they ARE threatening, with a minute left in the first half...

    Yeah, I be watchin'.

  4. That's not food, it is art. Quite cool.

  5. Your wife made that cake? Dude, we are going to be millionaires!!!

    And she is going to be really tired all the time.

  6. I just break down and cry when I think of how wonderful Mrs. Andy is!

  7. On a positive note, Auburn won today.

    Sorry Andy...I don't actually have a dog, err, tiger in this fight. But, as I've mentioned previously, the boss is an Auburn Alumni. Monday will be a good day.

  8. BR, it must suck to work for an Auburn gal. Sigh...

    Jim, Inno, TD: Naw! The Mrs. is wonderful and all, but she just bought the cake. Some young gal down the road who is a friend of hers baked it. It was cool.

    Buck, I appreciate your interest in my Tigers. There was just no way.


  9. Sorry, Andy. That Cam kid is something else. But, don't you just get tired and irritated at how the announcers fawn all over him? Worse than Tebow-worship (who, BTW, stole the Heisman from DMac!)

  10. Yeah Moogie, he really is. Auburn faced the best defense that they will all year yesterday. As much as I've ragged my Tigers, we do have an excellent defense.

    The guy is just REALLY good.

    I was proud of a 24-17 score. But, it was not NEARLY that close!


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