Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay, so I'm going to work in a while.  I will work late tonight, and sleep late tomorrow, so here's Satidy...

But first, let us address the Oregon vs. ucla murder.  Jeepers!  The box score on that game is unbelievable.  Did Oregon really only gain 582 yards?  How does a team keep the ball over 38 minutes, only score 13 points, and allow 60?  How?  You have to really suck...which ucla does.  I swear, it seems that I have been hearing for the last 20 years how "young, and inexperienced" ucla is.  Is it some kind of rule that one can only play at ucla if he is an underclassman?  I mean, do they like let ya' go when you reach the ripe old age of 20 or something?

Okay...a bunch of upsets.

Mizzou beats Oklahoma by 3.

LSU beats Auburn by 10.  We will have our best performance of the season, and have three touchdowns stolen, but humiliate the paper Tigers at Jordan-Hare, anyway.

Northwestern beats MSU by 7.

Purdue beats Ohio State by 40.

Nebraska beats Okie State by 17.  You can't really call this an upset, because the Cornhuskers are ranked too low, but for our purposes, we'll do so.


'Bama beats the Vols by whatever Corch Saban tells 'em to.

Air Force gives TCU a good game, but loses by 10.

Can't call Wisconsin v. Iowa...flip a coin.

That's it!  Y'all enjoy the games.  I know I plan to.


  1. The Ducks were up 32-3 at halftime, but only won 60-13. It is clear that they aren't much of a second-half team... :/

  2. Purdue beats Ohio State by 40.

    Heh. Tressel would hang from the goalposts if that came to pass. For days. Is it wrong to pray for that?

    Good luck to YOUR Tigers. <=== note I only used ONE "G" this time. I'm tryin'.

  3. Nyuk! They might even wrap the sweater vest around his neck.

    Thankee so murch for trying to be civil about my Tigers. You're durrin' fabrulous!

  4. I'll join you in that prayer, Buck! I'm still warnin' you, Andy -- those folks in Auburn are not very nice people.

  5. Moogie, you are truly kind to warn me. But, you must remember that I have been watching the cheating Plainsmen closely for 5 decades.

    We'll be ready. Hide and watch!


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