Sunday, February 19, 2012

DANGIT! Broke my ONLY resolution for 2012...crud.


Y'all might remember that I made only ONE resolution for 2012.  Yep, I was going to respond to every e-mail I received, and shave every day of 2012.

Now, this might not sound like ONE resolution to you.  But, see, I've decided to start combining all my New Year resolutions in to one.  That way, technically, your resolution has been kept until each part of it has been broken.

It's a rule.

So, I failed on the first part of my resolution in about the first 15 minutes after making it.  There is no way that I can respond to every e-mail that I get.  I'd be typing most of the day.  Maybe it was unrealistic from the start.

But, I had done smashingly well with the second part.  I had shaved EVERY STINKIN' DAY OF 2012!

Until Friday.

February 17.

Yep.  Got busy, rushed, wore out, and let it slide.

Crud.  I was thinking that I probably should have added in to my resolution something like a vow to tinkle every day...I know I could keep that one.  Maybe next year.

Anyway, I apologized to The Mrs. for skipping my daily appointment with Mr. Remington.  She was gracious, and said, "Andy, you can get back on that horse!  I'll forgive you.  Just don't you let it happen again."

So, on Saturday, Feb. 18, I climbed back on.

Don't I look nice?

(Fixed it, Buck)

The other day Pat Austin noted that I hadn't made a V-log in a while, and I thought about doing one about this very subject.   But, those things take time, and production costs can be pretty high.  So, I opted to just show y'all a picture of me all shaved up real nice.

Cleaned out my electric razor, too.

As a side note...One thing I just love about my phancy iPhone is the forward facing camera.  It makes it so much easier for me to take pictures of me.  

Ain't technology grand?

Well lookit, I'm in to work at 0545.  Y'all have a great what's left of the weekend.

I love y'all!

I mean it.


  1. Bless your heart Andy. It must feel really bad to fail at something.

  2. You have no idea, Jim! It truly sucks, especially when you're not accustom to it.

    Like me.

  3. At least you're still bathing once a week. Right?

  4. Kartman, sigh...

    Dan, indeed. Whether I need it or not!

  5. Your tee shirt is inside-out.

    Apropos o' nuthin'... "Gillette. The best a man can get."

  6. Ha! Made me look, Buck!

    Is not...but the writin is backards. Hmmm...gotta see about fixing that.

  7. That's just great that u included a foto of your face because I didn't want to jump to conclusions re: shaving every day.

    My iphone experience started a week ago, every few days daughter #2 explains some new thingy I'd never knew existed inside this device. amazing.

  8. marc, these dang things just amaze me, too. Really.

    I might do me a post about all the incredible junk in that little flat box.

    Might even do me a V-log on it! (I'm sure you can't barely wait!)

    Good thing you have youngsters. They know all that boys have informed me of just bitchin' stuff about the iPhone I'd never have even imagined.

    Ain't technology grand?

  9. When Toby doesn't shave, the GGs love to rub their faces on his face and tell him how rough it is. Sometimes Toby holds them down and rubs his face on theirs so that they scream and giggle. They love it. You need some GGs.


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