Sunday, February 19, 2012

If anybody out there knows anything about the night sky, I could use some help.


I walked outside at 1850 HRS to feed Sadie.

I happened to look up at the sky (which is EXTREMELY clear tonight for living in a well lit city).  

Directly to the West, I saw two amazingly bright lights that I can not ever remember seeing.  The brightest was at about 2 o'clock, and the other "not quite as bright" was at about 4 o'clock.

For a point of reference, I looked immediately overhead, and saw Orion at something like 11 o'clock.

I went inside and got The Mrs. to come outside and look.

It was NOT my imagination.  She saw 'em, too, and was just as baffled.  She'd never remembered those lights, either.  And, over the years we've done a lot of looking at the sky.

Mostly her.

Just sayin'...

We stood there for a long time trying to figure out what those amazingly bright lights were.

She thought that maybe they were planets.

Anyway...if y'all happen to know what those two amazingly bright lights in the Western Sky are, I'd appreshunate the answer.


  1. I did a little googling, think it might be Jupiter and Venus. They are supposed to be very bright in the western sky at twilight right now.
    You're welcome.

  2. If they're on the ecliptic, then they're probably planets like Jim said. If they're not on the ecliptic, then they might be aliens in two UFOs. What they would be doing flying over Shreveport, I can't imagine. Unless it's that Area 52 place I heard about down near Stonewall.

  3. Dan, The Mrs. stood there and looked at them and said, "Welcome to earth."

    They were that bright.

    But you're wrong about it being called Area 52. The folks down around Stonewall can't count that high.

    Jim, thanks. Man, those things were bright!

  4. I'm with Dan and Mrs. Andy. Gotta be aliens. We have some experience with 'em in these parts.

  5. One of them wuz planets. The other was my kitchen after I tried to make coffee and blowd the place up...they don't call me Chef Boy-R-Dee-Structive for nuthin'...

  6. Buck, I'm sure y'all do, seeing as "aliens" can be interpreted in multiple ways.


  7. I know I'm days late to this...


    Ace of Spades posted of this today, see? it seems someone there read your post, and then posted of this.

    I looked for a hat tip, but nada. Shysters All.

  8. The filthy thieves! Nyuk...

    Thanks Marc. It really is spectacular.

  9. I agree with Jupiter and Venus, and if you turn around and look into the eastern sky around, say, 10 or 11PM you'll see Mars (orange/bright).

  10. Thanks for the tip Mr. Fnortner!

    I doubt I'll be awake at 10 or 11 pm, but if by some miracle I am, Imma do it!

    Heck, I might force myself to stay up just to look at it! Men are from Mars, ya' know.

  11. Yep -- I dragged Pepper out to look at them, too. Beautiful!


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