Sunday, February 5, 2012

Okay, it's halftime, and my prediction was WRONG!


I had predicted that by halftime, 18 or 19 out of 20 visitors to Andy's Place would be lead here by The Gooble Search©, trying to find out if Eli Manning is a Christian.

I was wrong.

(click it)  It's only 17 out of 20 at halftime.

But, Madonna has not crunk up yet, so it might get to 20 of 20 after that old hag drags her miserably ugly bones out on stage.

But...we shall sign off for tonight. 17 of 20 is close enough.

And, I gotta get up early.

Y'all have a good night!

BTW, if you're watching the Super Bowl, and are so damn curious about Eli Manning's religion...well you really should get a life!

Just sayin'...


  1. Nyuk!

    TD, I have actually suspected some net savvy friends of mine (such as yourself) of bombing The Gooble Search, and hitting the link, in the past.

    But, the ISPs & geographic locations are too wide and varied on all these deals...

    So, I know it's not you. But, don't think for ONE MINUTE that I have not suspected such from y'all!

  2. Dunno. Ax him next time you see him.

    Better yet, get your buddy Brit to find out for ya'.

  3. It was a good game; Eli came thru again.

  4. Eli came through because he's a Christian.

  5. Well, he FINALLY did make an honest woman out of that chick know.

    I think Brady's a Christian, too. But, don't ever post a retarded fake interview about it.


    But, I'd take Betty in a heartbeat over that miserable skag they hired. Very few women turn my stomach like Madonna.

    Heck, I'd take ALL of my humpday hotties over her without batting an eye.

  6. Speechless. Especially since this was the best halftime show in ages, and it still blew.


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