Monday, April 2, 2012

So, I decided to look at the NCAA Men's Roundball Champeenship tonight...


Yep!  I decided to look at a basketball game tonight just because I heard that Kansas is playing Kentucky.  I mean...there's you some old time tradition!  It's just like the old days of State pride, and all that.

So, I'm watching the starting line-ups being introduced.  Of the 10 starters, NOT ONE IS FROM KANSAS, OR KENTUCKY!

They're all from Queens, NY,  Hoboken, NJ,  Las Vegas, Oregon, etc...

The closest thing is some kid playing for Kansas that is from Missouri.


I think I'll look at The Netflix.

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  1. Roundball. Meh. But people where I am at the moment are simply ATE UP with it. I think they're gonna be disappointed, though. Just a feelin', yanno?


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