Friday, August 31, 2012

Why The Apple is the most valuable company in the history of history...(just some "inside baseball" junk for iPhoners)


I have made NO secret of the FACT that I LOVE my phancy iPhone!

LOVE her!

But, she and I have had a little problem recently.  About 3 weeks ago, her cammer quit working consistently.  I would open up the cammer from the home screen, and would often just get the shutter.

Like this:

Said shutter would not open.  Then she'd go back to (wait a minute...I just realized that I'm referring to my phancy iPhone in the feminine...and it occurs to me I've never given her a name.  That sucks.  If you've got a suggestion, please leave it in the comments...what was I saying?  Oh yeah...)  working.

But, about a week ago, she (yet to be given an official name) just refused to take pitchers.  Period.  End of story.

I've been kind of busy...well...real busy, so it took me a week to call up AT and T, to lodge a complaint against her.  But, I did yesterday (even though I was really still really busy).  I swear...that Filipino woman I visited with transferred me right straight to The Apple itself.  And, once I got over to The Apple, another Filipino woman was more than happy to hep me with my problem.

It's a loooooong story...jumped through a lot of hoops (which I was expecting, because I had already looked at The Gooble about my particular cammer problem, and I KNOWED it to be a hardware issue from what Mr. Gooble told me.)

Anyway...I did the hard restart with the nice (very nice) Filipino lady...went through all the "settings" with her, and all was good.  Except the cammer didn't open up.  Finally, I told her that I had read an article on the worldwide computer that said it might work if I did a "restore" to factory settings.  

That was when she asked me if I mrinded being put on hole while she looked up some articles.  I said, "No problem."  About 5 minutes later, she resumed our little talk, and suggested that I go ahead on and try that.  But, I could tell from the tone in her voice that she didn't really think it would work.  

She informed me that if it did not get the cammer shutter opening, I should call back.

Which I did.

When I called The Apple back at their super secret phone number, the service rep gave me a service order #...gave me her name...and her personal extension!  Really. 

Really!  (And, she sounded American...I guess when you call back the third time you get a 'murican.)

Anne, (We'll just call her "Anne," because that's her name) could not have been more helpful!  When I 'splained to her that I'd gone through all the steps to get the cammer working on it/her (telephone to be named later),  Anne said, "Yes, I's all in the notes from your previous calls."


The end of our conversation was that The Apple is sending me a brand new pHancy new iPhone.

No charge!!!

All I gotta do is send my current pHancy iPhone (yet to be named) back to them.  But...they're gonna send a box, and instructions to do it, and everything!

Lookit...I've got 4 PCs...and no complaints with any of them.  Well, not many...

But, these folks at The Apple are making me scratch my rapidly balding head about where I should invest my next 'puter dollars.

I'll let y'all know if The Apple makes good on sending me a pHancy new iPhone.  But something tells me, they will.

I got a G-Mail from them about it, and everything! 


  1. After you bought your phancy new phone, you told me that I should buy one. I did and like it. I hope you get a new one soon. I also have an apple computer and like it.

    1. Kartman, I will NEVER steer you wrong.

      Well...not on purpose.

  2. Andy, we've got a new iPod but no iPhone. Yet. And I'm still tryin' to figger out how to download (or is it upload? or maybe sideload?) music from my computer to the iPod.

    As for a name for your phancy phone I say something beginning with an "i" like Iris or Irene or maybe Idell.

    1. Dan, I think sideload is probably the correct term.

      From one man to another (and I have ZERO knowledge about sideloading music to an iPad) the instructions.

  3. The end of our conversation was that The Apple is sending me a brand new pHancy new iPhone.

    No charge!!!

    Which is what Amazon did fer me when my Kindle went ti... err... belly up, and it was outta warranty.

    So, there's that. On another note, you fanbois are all alike. Me? I can't forgive Apple for killing Star Trek.

    As fer yer phone's name... I thought they were all named Siri? Yanno, kinda like Darryl and his other brother Darryl?

    1. HA! I thought I was the only Newhart fan still living...

      Just to get things straight...not a The Apple fanboi. Yet.

      But...I WAS out of phone support service, and The Apple took my call thrice.

      Was still in on the hardware deal, though...probably why they waived the $29.95 "one-time" charge.

    2. don't get to be the most valuable company in the history of history without at least a stripe of "ruthless."

  4. I gotz a real camera. Cain't tawlk ta no one on it, tho'...


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