Monday, September 3, 2012

Big Durrinz at Andy's Place!


The President of the United States stopped by our expansive estate for a visit!

I invited him to sit out in the front yard, and he was gracious enough to durrit!

I was thrilled.

I told him that this particular chair was one that was give to me free!  But, it was the color of purple when it was give to me.


It's a really solid wood and wicker rocking chair (so...I figured  it would suit him just fine, being a "rocker," and all...), but being purple, it just didn't quite fit in with the motif of Andy's I painted it plain WHITE several  years ago.

Anyway, I told His Majesty that it was once purple, and that I was pretty sure that Purple is Oprah's favorite color.  So, it'd be okay for him to sit in it.

He just kinda' gave me a blank stare...and sat right down.

Here at Andy's Place, we did indeed participate in "National Empty Chair Day."  I see that my blog friend, Pat Austin did, too!

I'm sure that there are thousands of others that did....maybe billions of us.  (Not sure yet, because all of the numbers won't be in until late, seeing as it's a Holiday)

Anyway...he didn't ask much about getting my vote in November.  I guess he figured he'd be wasting his breath...


  1. Nice! I want to do that too, but can't. Being a college town, when people move away for the summer they just stick their furniture outside with a "FREE" sign on it.

    Any pieces of furniture left outside are assumed abandoned and promptly taken. Even had a couple Arab kids take a couch right out of my carport while we were trying to make room for it when BiL moved in. My wife ran down the street and gave 'em the good scolding they deserved.

  2. I didn't do this either becuase I was out of town. Nice chair though.

  3. Inno...I truly understand. My big sis came by to pick up her grandchild that The Mrs. keeps care of from time to time (Y'all all know Tucker). She said, "You'd better not leave that good chair out in the front yard! Some of those Mexicans down the street might think you're setting it out for the trash!" time, please take me with you. Puhleeze....

  4. I put out an imaginary empty chair in my non-existent front yard. It's the spirit of the thing, yanno?

  5. Looks like 'ol Clint's speech might have had more of an effect than 'some' people thought! Good move Andy.

  6. I don't see the tell-tale litter on your front lawn that those followers of the B. Hussien usually leave in their wake, like for instance that one time they swore him into office. Did you have *the help* already pick it all up? They're hard workers those *the help*.

  7. Poor chair. It deserved better. To paraphrase Clint, "a chair's GOT to know it's limitations"...

  8. Happy 39th Birthday Andy.


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