Friday, January 8, 2010

Al Gore hates animals...

It is 3 pm (the warmest part of the day) here in the South! I am sure that Al Gore is quite comfortable in his toasty mansion being heated by heat paid for by ignorant morons that support his causes...his businesses...and his scam "carbon offset" charade.

But, while he lounges in warm comfort, he is subjecting thousands...oh heck, millions of poor animals across this land to tremendous suffering. Bastard!

He hates animals. He is doing his best to kill Sadie by halting global warming. I have been trying to keep that hound something to drink all day...and even though I've got her water dripping, it just keeps freezing over.

Somebody please call the PETArds, and report Al as an animal abuser. And while you're at it, go ahead on and report all the millions of dufi that swallow his crap. Hey, how's that working out for ya' out there? Does swallowing Gore's crap keep you a tiny bit warmer? Prosecute them, too!

You imbeciles...


  1. There ain't no way I'm believing that bucket is in your yard Andy

  2. I have to laugh at the image of PETA surrounding AlGore's built on AGW fraud money palace.

  3. Cosmic, you can believe it. And, it's worse this morning.

  4. Poor Sadie. The weather-geeks are having a field day with this, tho. I spent a lot o' time (relatively speaking) watching horror stories about the cold on TWC yesterday.

  5. Yeah Buck, it's pretty tough on a warm weather pansy like me. I noted your other comment about us 'uns that don't choose to live in a freezer being subjected to it against our will.

    Man, that dog watering pot actually has now burst. But, it is warming up...thank you Jesus!

  6. Wow, that reminds me of 1984 or so when the Red River actually froze over. I guess I'll have to believe it. It was -18 F at my house a few days ago. I've had snow covering my yard since October. We're about halfway through our firewood. Good luck there.

  7. Yeah Cosmic, I know that you guys are really getting creamed. And, I remember the RR freezing over.

    Actually, I remember walking out about 75 feet on to Caddo Lake out to Daddy's old houseboat. No pier neccessary.

    We've had it before, and I think we'll have it again...probably worse and worse if my prediction of a new ice age comes to pass.

    You stay warm, man.


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