Friday, January 8, 2010

Life is a Journey...

Aaaahhhh...I remember my high school graduation. I remember it well. The excitement of it all...heading out in to real from the prison...the world was our oyster, and all.

Somehow, I feel that if Steve Perry had been at this high school graduation, he would have shed a tear. (I know I did.) Then he'd have likely committed either murder, or suicide.

Let me give you a heads-up. It starts out bad, but it doesn't get any better as it goes along, and ends in a crescendo of pitiful. Enjoy!


  1. Is that Brenda Walker?

    Sweet fancy Moses, hasn't anyone told this gal she sings worse than a constipated water buffalo?

    She should audition for American Idol.

    Judas Priest, that sucks, yet she seems very pleased with herself. Amazing...

  2. Nyuk, times 3, Dadman! Brenda Walker...oh man...laughing my guts up...seriously!

  3. I so freaking stole this for FAILbook. My newest favorite song. Listening for the fiftieth time already.

  4. If she was like a number of my grad class -- they showed up drunk from pre-grad parties -- she was in full "William Hung" mode, and just didn't care ;)

    *my ears are bleeding*

  5. Paul, and always, don't bother to thank me. I live to serve.

  6. Oh, Maaaan. Words fail. Full disclosure: I could only do about 45 seconds, including a fast-forward to the grand finale, such as it was.


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