Saturday, January 9, 2010

IS SO!!!

Last night (I'm assuming, mostly tongue in cheek), Cosmic questioned the FACT that this water bowl is actually in my yard here in NW Louisiana.

IS SO!!!

I tried to get Sadie to pose next to it for proof. But when you get the camera out, she thinks she's gonna get a shot or something and runs off.

Just to provide a bit of evidence, this is a photo of the fountain in front of the Railroad Museum in Vivian, Louisiana.

See! So, there! (Imagine smiley face here)


  1. They are holding some kind of half-marathon in downtown Jacktroit today. The temperature was 20 with a windchill of NINE when the race kicked off. Dude.

  2. Yeah, it's 17 here now.

    Heh! When I ran the Dallas/White Rock Marathon in Dec. 1989, it was 17, and the wind chill was somethinoranother MUCH lower.

    The good part was that when you got out to White Rock Lake, the wind didn't have anything to stop it.

    Actually, it's good weather for long distance races...unless you're there watching in support of one of the runners.

    When I got finished, poor Pam and the older boys looked like sugar beets.

    Man, I hope you put in a good time in that half-er today! Good luck.

  3. Andy, I would not run a marathon for all the money in the world. My knees would declare war upon my pretty body for weeks afterward. Even though I do enjoy pain to a certain degree, not enough to put up with that temperature.

    Even though I was out in it for two hours yesterday. I hate Al Gore. Seriously, HATE.

  4. You expect this sorta WX if you live in New England or the northern tier. But NOT where we live... normally.

    We're supposed to warm up today... Lord willin' and if the creek thaws...

  5. Hi Andy, it hit us again yesterday. It actually got up to almost 60 on Thursday. Supposed to get down to 18 tonight. Good thing I like cold weather! Katie the wonder dog tried to go swimming in our pool earlier this afternoon. The water is 46 degrees. Dumb dog! The only time the cold really bothers me is on a fire when I get wet! Later.......

  6. I believed you Andy,
    here in Lee County Fl, City of Palms, it has not gotten out of the 30s all day.
    Never seen any thing like it in my life.
    Tomorrow the roads are suppose to be iced over from the rain today.

  7. Paul...I'll bet you're having fun with those Georgia boys...probably freakin' 'em out pretty good, too.

    Nancy, when you say you've never seen any thing like it in your life...well...I believe you.

    We've had cold weather here in my 50 years, but it usually is only for a day or two...sometimes four. But this rascal is hanging on, and not expected to leave any time soon.

    And, Florida is notorious for one day cold snaps...but as I checked the weather, I see that you all are in for even more.

    Yep, there's a change a'coming. Y'all are gonna have to buy some coats and socks and stuff.

  8. It's gonna kill everything we got.
    The sprinklers are on the grove..well see.
    A cold snap may dip down into the 30s for an hour or two during the night, but never,ever sustained through the day light like it did today.
    I had to look through an old drawer for a the one pair of socks I own.
    I'm going to bed in a little bit..I need to get under the covers. brrr

  9. I know Nancy. Heck, I only own TWO pairs of socks, and I'm wearing both of them now.

    I've got an undershirt, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and an ugly flannel coat on. And I'm still cold.

    Us southerners were just not built for global warming. Period.


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