Sunday, March 14, 2010

Revisiting Andy's Place...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Good Sunday Morning!  I hope y'all remembered to Spring Forward.  If not, your little computer clock in the bottom right hand corner has probably reminded you already.

I'm gonna be REAL busy today.  For all of my northern computer friends that are still digging out from snow, you'll be surprised to know that it is indeed time to start cutting grass here in NW Louisiana.  Well...really just more like cutting springtime weeds...but everything looks like crap around here.

Y'all long-time visitors know that The Mrs. cuts A LOT of grass.  And, it is my task to supervise her every move so that it will be done correctly.  She's got only four yards to take care of this year, since #3 son is not away, as he was last year while he was joining up with The Army Reserve.  As you know, he lives next door to us, and is really just as handy as a pocket on a shirt.  He'll be doing a good bit of her work this year, but he's gone to do his Reserve Duty in Hot Springs this weekend.

So, MOW, weed-eat, and blow she must!

So, y'all have a blessed Sunday, okay?  Sure you will!

I've been having fun going back and looking at some old posts, and putting labels on them...there's some fairly decent junk in the archives.

I came across a picture on the net this morning that I have used before.  It reminded me of the post, so I went and looked it up. Y'all can go look at it if you want to.  It poses the question, "Have You Ever Carried A Mattress On Top Of Your Car?


  1. Mwhahaha...yep. Once decided to save the delivery cost and loaded the mattress on the roof of the car, strapped it down bumper-to-bumper, and away I went.

    When I realized I was imitating the AMC in the 007 movie "Man With The Golden Gun", I reckoned I wasn't doing it right. Sure scared that helicopter pilot, though...

  2. I saw a couple of guys with a mattress on top of their Yugo-type car last year, over on NW 10th. Thing is, they didn't have it tied down or nothin', they were just holding it on the car. I was duly impressed, and sped past them so as not to have the mattress on my car....


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