Monday, May 24, 2010

Shop Talk...

From Walt, originally seen on Sad and Useless... (There are others at the link...all pretty funny.)

Here is a blank if you want to make your own.


  1. I wonder what our smiles would look like if we had all the money we could ever want? I do have all I need, just not all I want. Dreams are made of the excess on that margin. MUD

  2. Gates is one of my heroes. Jobs less so.

    MUD's right, too.

  3. Make up your own...

    Jobs: Folks say I look like George Clooney.
    Gates: Go on.

    Jobs: It's true.
    Gates: You look a lot more like that famous Louisiana guy Andy down at Andy's Place.

    Both together: Not. Nyuk, nyuk.

  4. I have no other reason to suspect that both of these men are not anatomically correct, but if I were to try and cross my legs like that, I would crush my testicles. How can they do that and keep smiling? And why?

  5. Trick chairs, Realist. Trick chairs. When you've got a bazillion dollars, you can produce dang near anything.


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