Monday, June 21, 2010

This just can not be right!!!

Our good buddy, Darrel, found a site that will "rate" your blog, or website, or The Facebook page. It seems that he was curious at to just what rating Andy's Place would receive.

No way!  No. Freakin'. Way.

Well, sure enough I went to that site, and we do receive an "R" rating.  This is not good.  I always considered this to be a "family friendly" place to visit on the worldwide computer.

So, if you're interested, you can meander on over there and find out what your blog is rated.  (You'll have to navigate around the online dating junk, but it's interesting).  Mine got rated "R" for the repeated use of three particular words.  I'll have to do mo' better, I reckon.


  1. I wander what you would have gotten if you had posted Those Helen Thomas pics? It probably would have broke their site. LOL

  2. I got rated a "PG-13" site because I had four instances of the word "violence" on my site.

  3. So, the evidence is in. Their rating system is worthless.

  4. Try some of there tests. I found as a cadaver I was worth $1550. And I got a "G" rating. :)

  5. You're leaving a LOT out with this post... like "three particular words." Just sayin'.

    wv: mifecul. You'd get an R rating if you used this word repeatedly.

  6. Probably because you dissed the Gooble way back when. NEVER diss the Google.

  7. Heh! Yeah, I'm sure that's it, Mayor.

    Paul, I thought more about your PG-13 rating. Being a long time reader, I think probably what happened was one of two things. Either their system had never encountered a blog such as yours and didn't know what to do with it.

    Or, the "colorful" words you use are mostly original, and haven't been entered into their search base.

    Darrell, my friend, I have no doubt that your blog earned a "G" rating. And, it is well deserved. Good on ya! BTW, if I took the cadaver test, they would charge to haul me off.

    Buck, the three words are 1)crap 2)piss 3)screwed. Now, does that truly qualify as "Restricted?" I think not.

  8. There might be a third reason, Andy. I lied.

    (The grading site actually blocked me from ever taking their test again.)

  9. Oh, okay...I should have assumed you were joshin'. So, I ran your URL, and you still only get an "R." And, I saw the words they flagged you for.

    I'm thinking somebody pulled out the F and S sections.

  10. I'm PG-13 because I had 'death' and 'fag'. I know where that came from!
    They seemed to have overlooked a couple of 'F' bombs, one pretty recent. Guess 'death' is worse.

  11. Rated G. Suck it, Scorcese, I am Disney all the way.

    Though my word verification has me on the fast track to NC-17: galpal

  12. I was rated "r" because of words like "weapon", "bomb", "kill" and if I remember, "crap."

    Which is exactly what I think that was a load of.

  13. Jim...yes, I know which post of which you speak.

    The Other Andy...actually your work is quite civil, and lacks potty-mouth words...even though you manage to convey blatant X-rated sentiments without using the words. I would have figured your place for at least a PG-13. But, come to think of it, anybody can read your stuff and "hear it" either "G," or "XXX."'re welcome! I hope you noted that I labeled this post with a "Wastes of time" label. Obviously the formula used does not take into account "eye candy" images. Regardless, I am proud to share an "R" rating with blog mentor.


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