Sunday, June 20, 2010

We've hit a new high/low/whatever...

I decided to check the Sitemeter, because almost nobody surfs the web on Father's Day, just to see what "random" visitors stopped by Andy's Place today.  I'm talking "random," not the regular 14 of y'all that stop by on friendly visits.

Well, it seems that The AOL Search (which is powered by The Gooble Search©) has got Andy's Place ranked at #1 in a particular search term.

The very thought of being the "go to" place for searchers such as this really makes me ponder throwing in the towel...deleting the blog...ripping my fingernails out one by one...throwing myself off the Red River bridge...and then throwing myself off the Horseshoe Casino Hotel.

And then stabbing myself with a butter knife until I die.  And then, watching a Borat movie.

But, the AOL/Gooble has got Andy's Place as #1.  Again.  I hate AOL.  I really do...

(As always, click it to see the big picture)


  1. The go to person for Helen Thomas jokes, gotta love it.

    PS - "Scars?"
    I've had surgery front, back & sideways, and look like a Frankenstein wannabe, no need to rub it in!

  2. If this search is correct, I am changing your settings in my feed to NEVER see your images again.

    And then clawing my eyes out with a spork from Taco Bell.

  3. Jim, we've been #1 on Helen Thomas jokes for several days off and on. I could live with that. But, the "nude pictures" deal really made me consider blogicide.

    Paul, I would not blame you one bit. In fact, I'm thinking of blocking my images, too. Seriously. BTW, just go ahead and use the impossible to open packet of hot sauce to claw your eyes out. It is more effective than the spork.

  4. It don't surprise me Andy. I went to this site and it gave you an R rating. LOL. Have fun with this.

  5. So... ummm... where are the nude pics? Not that I'd LOOK, mind you... there's just this "truth in advertising" thang.

  6. Further... I had to go check out Darrell's link, of course. I'm PG-13. What am I doin' wrong? All my AF buddies are gonna snicker behind my back... no, check THAT, to my FACE... if this ever gets out. The shame! The ignominy! Aiiieee!

  7. Further further... I didn't notice this:

    This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    * hell (7x)
    * pain (2x)
    * shit (1x)

    They musta missed those f-bombs. And "pain?" I don't run no BDSM parlor! I protest!

  8. Buck, I guess you will have to run Andy's site through it and see what gets him an R rating and add those words to a post and see ir that changes things LOL

  9. So I post a couple goofy pics of my dogs and next thing ya know, I got hits from people in India searching on "dog sexy." Ugh.

  10. Wait until Helen Thomas finds out. She's gonna treat you worse than she treats someone named Goldstein.

  11. Inno, I get visitors every day searching for "Andy dog sex," or "dog sex." The Gooble stinks.

    Mayor, that is a frightening thought. I mean Helen Thomas "treating" me any which way is enough to make a reservation in Fenris' bunker.

  12. I think I'm very, very confused. Just think what folks could do with "Moogie" nad "dog sex." *shiver* too frightening to contemplate.

    If I get my confidence up, I may go rate Moogie's Place.


  13. Helen Thomas + nude pictures = I'm outta here.



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