Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We own the Gooble (kinda)...and the Cornelius Calvin Sale death story (kinda)...

We started getting visitors this afternoon at Andy's Place from Gooble Searchers...

(Click it and see)

 Actually, I'm just a little bit surprised that we are only at #4 on The Gooble Search©. And, maybe a little disappointed, too.

Since I Own The Gooble, I expect to come up higher than 4th position on searches.  I will have to speak sternly to someone about that...and trust me, I will.

But, I note that we are only behind The Wickedpedia, TheSoulOfTheSenate (nyuk...probably not much posted on that page), and Ancestry.com.

I reckon that I can live with that.

There are dozens of these visits from folks searching for info on Cornelius Calvin Sale.  Heck, if I'd have thrown in the word "nude" in the post title, it'd probably have been hundreds.

But, I really like this one...Nyuk!  Somebody using your tax dollar paid for computer at the Department of The Interior was searching for info on some dead guy...

I ran the IP address, and sure enough it's at the US Department of The Interior in Herndon, Virginia (Not West Robert C. Byrd Virginia). 

Now, why in the world would somebody be spending their valuable gubmit working time, and using computers and internet service paid for by your hard earned tax dollars searching for something like "Cornelius Calvin Sale?"

Maybe they're gonna bury him on Federal land or something...


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