Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Morning Junk...

Hey y'all!  Kicks, and cusses, yada, yada, yada...  (Just trying to up my "man" ranking there)

What we got this morning?

Not much, really.  It looks like all my blog buddies have got all the news, sports, cultural, religious, and Islamic junk covered pretty good.  So...

Hey, there are a million good posts out there today, so I'm not ignoring any of them.  But, I thought this deal about Dick Cheney's surgery was pretty interesting.  He's gone bionic!
Also, somebody's offering a reward you might want to claim.

Nyuk!  I stole that off The Mayor.  I know it's just WRONG, but I've been giggling half a day over that one.  Nyuk...

In other Andy's Place news, it's hot.  We might hit 102 today, which according to our Okie buddy Staci is something like 714 in dog heat.  Speaking of dog heads, and dog heat...

Sadie dug a hole to sleep in.  Now, I'll tell ya', it's hot when Sadie digs a hole.  She is not a hole digging canine.  Nosiree!

 See, I'm not kidding!  She found the coolest spot on the place, right next to the brick wall, next to a concrete pad, and right next to the AC condensing unit which runs continually, and drags air right over her.  This dog is smarter than I figgered.  She got up and moved when I brought out the camera, because she always thinks she's gonna get a shot or something when Mr. Kodak appears on the scene.

Man, this post is interesting, huh?

Got a big weekend planned.  Gonna cut grass in the crushing heat.  But, at least it's a nice humid heat...that makes it even more enjoyable.

Man, this post is interesting, huh?

Hey, here's a picture that I stole off somebody.  A real gentleman this guy is.

Actually, the only reason I posted this is because the guy reminds me so much of #2 son.  He looks like that guy, and that is EXACTLY what he would do.

Man, this post is interesting, huh?

Going out to Momma and Daddy's house for a joint birthday party for Daddy & my baby brother on Sunday.  Looking forward to that, too.

Hey look, the guy in this mugshot has a gold toofer!

Hey, y'all remember that dude from Tulsa that Staci posted his mugshot?  The guy with the pink shirt, and the horns?

Man, I've been laughing about that guy for two days now.  I guess I really shouldn't laugh.  But, it's so dang funny that I just can't help it.

Man, that post was interesting, huh?

Well, y'all have a great day!  Be blessed!  Go with God!  Shalom!  Peace be unto thee!


  1. What's air conditioning? We're having our usual summer high temps of 65F here but the wind is blowing 30 mph out of the north which creates a wind chill factor of 35F. If 102 is 714 in dog heat, then our summer temps are only 245 degrees.

  2. Bert gallantly handed the errant brassiere back to its embarrassed owner while rubbing his injured eye. Idly, he thought, Who knew a stretched bra could twang so far?"

  3. Barry, I truly do not know how you can stand it. Honestly, I begin to ache & freeze up when we reach 49 at night.


  4. I might as well whizz on the campfire and call in the dogs, 'cuz nothing I'm gonna find on the worldwide computer today is going to be as good as Steamboat's comment.

  5. Inno, Steamboat is the "caption King" of the worldwide computer. You oughta' see him when he's not drunk!

  6. "And just when was I not drunk!"

    *McGoo harrumphs indignantly, grabs his mug, and staggers off to the bar*

    Thanks, Inno. :)

  7. I got nothin'.

    w/v: ralph. Not sure whether it's referring to Jackie Gleason's Kramden or riding the porcelain bus.

  8. Steamboat: Be careful in there...

    Moogie: I had nothin' either. Just manufactured sumpin'...But, ya' gotta admit that it WAS an interesting post. Sigh...

  9. Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

    Check your e-mail.

  10. Well. THAT was interesting.

    Thank The Deity At Hand for comments, eh?

  11. Buck: "Thank The Deity At Hand for comments, eh?" Indeed!

    By the way, I was waiting for someone to say "That was interesting." You win!


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