Friday, July 16, 2010

If you're reading this, it means that you read blogs. So, I have a serious question for all 13 of y'all that read this one...

Hey y'all!  Kicks, cusses, spits,  yada yada yada... (still working on getting this blog classified as being written by a man)

This is just about Andy's Place blog...not really about me.  Before I ax y'all this important kwerschun, I've got a big announcement.  I am going to turn off "word verification" for your comments.  I enabled it a good while back due to the aggravation caused to me by the chinks that spam comments.  Turning on "word verification" was supposed to make certain that you would not be invited in the "comments" section to view computer pages that exhibit chink porno junk, or offers to meet up with Russian brides, or buy Herbalife.

I got so many "spam" comments like that...and it's really not such a big deal as I think back on it now.  I know that all 13 of y'all know better than to click on the retarded links they leave.  Plus, I can dump the "spam" comments when I get around to it.  Besides that, I heard the lovely digital goddess, Kim Komando, on her radio program a couple of weeks ago say that the chinks are actually now hiring other chinks to sit down at a keyboard and "manually spam" blog comments.  They actually sit there and promote their chink filth, and enter word verifications by hand.  That is exactly what has been happening around this joint...the chinks are entering "word verifications" by hand so as to entice y'all to look at their filthy porn junk...and I'm still having to dump a bunch of chink spam comments anyway.

So, it ain't working out too good, and I know it's a pain in the rear end to enter word verifications.  I might actually get some dust-up from some of y'all, because almost always the word verifications are more entertaining than the blog posts.  So...

Bite me!

Regardless, we're going to give her another try without WV's.  For a while.  Just don't click on anything that looks like it might be chink spam, unless of course you are in to chink porn, or Herbalife sales-hacks.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate chink spam?

I'll just try to be vigilant to dump it before you might possibly be enticed to click on it.  If I screw up, and miss something...well...

My apologies.

What was I going to ax y'all?  Oh yeah! 

The question is:  Have you EVER used the "share bar" on a blog post?  Now, some of you may not even know what a "share bar" is.

It is this... (click on it to see the big picture)

The "share bar" evidently allows you to "share" the fabulous work of some globber easily to either The Facebook, The Twitter, The Computer Letter, or to The Gooble Buzz, or to reblog  what you've just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY  enjoyed reading.  At least I think that's what it does.  Not really sure.  But, I noticed that several of my favorite Globbers have the "share bar" installed beneath their blog posts.

So, I figured I would install one of these nifty "share bars."  Not knowing exactly how to do it, I decided to contact my friend Two Dogs, who knows every dang thing about The Globber, The Gooble, and how to renovate garage apartments.  So, I axed him did he have the html code handy, and could he pass it on to me.

I received a prompt response that said basically,  "Andy, you are a friggin' moron, you retard!  Do I have to do EVERYTHING for you?  It's right there in the "Design" tab, and under "Edit Blog Posts," you friggin' moronic retard!"  Well, that's not exactly what he wrote, but that's kinda how it came across.  It didn't bother me any, because it is impossible to offend me, and plus he was right.  It was right there in the "Design" function of The Globber...just hiding out, waiting to be used.

Man, did I feel like a retard!  Again.  So, as you can see from the above picture, I put a ✓ in the box to enable that nifty "share bar."  Only one did not work.  Really, it didn't.  So, I imposed upon the good graces of Two Dogs once again, axing him for further input.  He replied that when he installed it on his blog it took a few tries, and he advised that I move it around to the top (above the post), or after the comments, and to quit bugging him because he was a busy man, and eating black walnuts,  yada yada yada. 

I did just that.

No success.  Again.

So, I thought about sending a "support request" to The Globber to try to figure out why their automatically easy "share bar" will not display on my posts.  But, The Globber is free, and I figure I'll never get a response from troubleshooters in India who have better things to do than try to help a moronic retard like me out.

Actually, I'm afraid that I'll get something back like "The Blogger is thanking you berry much for you inquiry!  The Blogger has determined that your blog really SUCKS, and no one will ever want to use our most fabulous featuring of the sharing bar.  It has been disabling upon your Blogger accounting.  We are apologising profusely if this causes you consternation.  Nothing personal...just biniss!"

So, the kwerschun is:  Have you EVER used the "share bar" on a blog post?

I mean...if y'all don't use it, I'll quit letting it bug me that I can't install the dang thing.

A simple "Yes," or "No" would be greatly appreciated. However, any other input would be greatly always.


  1. I have never used the share function. I don't share. Prolly 'cuz I don't use Twitter or Failbook or anything else that "social" in its description.

    If I like something I cut/paste the "hard" way.

  2. I did at one time, but it wasn't the Blogger thingy, it was an outside app. I didn't like it. I may see if I can get the blogger thing to work.
    Wouldn't hurt, as you know I do use Twitter and Facebook to get some of my stuff out.
    That's why I have 14 viewers a day instead of 13. Ha.
    I've been thinking about dropping word verification too, it is a pain.

  3. I've never even seen the share thingy.

  4. No, I've never used the Share bar. I don't like to use Facebook, Twitter, or any of those socializing thingys - as I refuse to be "that" online and accessible.

    Besides, those of my friends who would enjoy what I would be "sharing" probably have already seen it, and the others wouldn't appreciate it anyway.

    Or whatever....

    BTW: thanks for disabling the verify thingy. It gave me nothing but trouble.

  5. No, don't bother with it for me.
    If I want to share a recipe, or shredded hands, I do it the old fashion way.

  6. It's just another thing I wouldn't be able to do, even if I wanted to. :(

  7. Andy, the danged thing won't work for me either. I'm going to keep trying though, because I do share from other sites to Facebook.
    Lot easier to hit the share button than to copy the url and then go to Facebook and enter it.
    I did drop the word verification, following your estimable lead (wink, wink).

  8. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm not using a Google template. Are you?
    Thanks for giving me a comment section to talk to myself.

  9. Okay, that's it, I tried a new blogger template and it showed up. But I ain't changing!
    Now I'm through.

  10. Yeah, the share-thingy is buggy. It works, of course. Paul uses it. I use it. But, I had an issue getting it to set up.

    Like Jim said, it shows up when you change templates. What I had to do was add the share-thingy, then change my template, then change my template back.

    Well, I don't know that I HAD to do that, but it didn't work until I did.

    If you decide you want to do that, you'll want to first note all the HTML code changes. Like that blasted code that causes all links to open in a new window (the BASE='_blank' code). Plus any other template edits. The new templates allow you to make CSS edits in a CSS Edits window, so you don't have to edit code.

    Anyway, yes, the share-thingy works, like Paul said. But, it doesn't easily set up, as you and Jim discovered.

  11. Okay, don't have to talk to yourself any longer.

    "I'm through." Don't blame you. I switched to the new Globber editor a while back. Just to explore new junk. It's pretty good. If you've got a bunch of pictures to slide in, it works real good.

    I'm glad to know that it's not just me that the "share bar" doesn't work for. The Globber SUCKS! I think that I will move to wordpress, or that typepad thingy.


    Nancy, your input is always appreciated. And I mean that! Go kill a cow or something, and poison your husband with a tenderoin.

    So far we are up to a big ZERO on people that actually care whether there is a "share bar." So, I'm feeling much better now.

    Staci, I checked my in-box, but see nuthin'! NUTHIN', I TELL YA'! Are you sure you have my computer letter address:

    Barry, the "share thingy" is way down there at the end of posts that some of our obviously anal retentive blog friends write. Obviously, you ain't one of 'em.

    Inno, I'm in your same boat. Control X, and C seem to work just fine.

    I'm feeling MUCH better now...

  12. Basil! Sorry, my friend. I missed your comment on the first go-round. Youz guyz are so far over my curve that I am afraid to give it a whirl now.

    But, thanks for the info anyway. I really appreciate it, Basil. I might try that. But, those Indians that work for The Blogger are probably right. Who wants to "share" this junk anyway?

  13. Andy, I share all the danged time. My friends on the FAILbook hate me for it, too.

  14. No. I had to repeat kindergarten because I refused to share and nothing much has changed in the interim, except for me acquiring reasonable skills at faking it.

    You DO know the presence of spam lowers your rankings in Google searches, right? I delete what spam I get as soon as humanly possible... not for the ranking consideration but simply because it pisses me off.

  15. Hey, thanks to all for the input. I guess I just won't worry about it. I'm using a "Blogger" template, but it has been modified, so maybe that's the trouble.

    Buck, I did not know about that ranking thing & spam. But, I do delete the spam as soon as I get it. I hate it.

  16. @Andy: RE spam:
    I keep flip-flopping between Word Verification, Google accounts only, Moderate All, and other combinations. None are exactly what I want.

    To me, ideal would be allow coments (but not anonymous) without word verification, and moderate overnight. Might not work for everyone, but I get notified on my BlackBerry when a comment is left, so I can remove spam during the day. I wish it would auto-moderate ay night so I don't get 8 hours of spam that Google has crawled.

    Nobody told me that blogging was going to be work! Frank J owes me!

  17. Yeah Basil, I've done everything except the manual comment moderation. I think that might tend to cut down on conversation within a blog. Plus, it does sound like a lot of work.

    A buddy of mine uses Akismet on his Wordpress blog, and claims it works great at knocking down spam. I'll have to look into it to see if it will work on Blogger.

  18. I share to FB, but not from blog sites. Usually news reports or some such.

  19. @Andy: There is no Akismet plugin for teh Blogger. I looked. And, yes, Akismet rocks on WordPress. Of course, it should; both are made by the same company.

    Spam Karma for WordPress works well, too. Before Akismet, it was the best of the WordPress plugins. Bad Behavior works rather well, too. I just preferred Spam Karma. But, neither make Blogger versions.

    Maybe someone will decide to build a Blogger plugin for Akismet. And, maybe elephants will roost in trees and pigs will fly.

  20. Basil, thanks for the info about Akismet/Blogger, etc.

    "...maybe elephants will roost in trees and pigs will fly."

    Well, believe it or not, we have been almost ONE WHOLE DAY with no word verifications, and not one single spamalot. Seriously.

    Dunno, maybe I scared all the chinks off or something.


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