Thursday, July 15, 2010

Safety rules...I wonder if OSHA has set out directives on this one.

From Paul the Fireguy...

Safety is important…  please be cognizant of what you are doing. 

Unplug the shredder before clearing a jam!

Enjoy your dinner!!!

You're welcome...


  1. OMG! Trying hard not to hurl!

    But if ya have a good lawyer, this should be like winning the lottery.

  2. Looks like Darwinian finger-pasta!

    My neighbor many years ago made a batch of that with his own finger tips and a handy lawnmower!

    His name was Quincy. I used to ask him how the ol' Q-tips were and guffaw mercilessly.

  3. Oh, Andy, you can't help it, can you?

    P.S. 'chrownin'
    'chrownin' in my own tears over this post??

  4. Inno: You probably don't know this, but Paul The Fireguy is one of your fellow Oregonians. Seriously. He is now displaced in a small nation whose capitol city is Atlanta...but, he's one of y'all good Quackers.

    Steamboat: Nyuk! The old man I grew up next door to did the very same thing. Lost 3 digits as I remember, and they named a Parkway after him. Maybe I'll try that.

    Jim: True. I really can't help it. But, it's ALL Paul the Fireguy's fault.

  5. Fillet-o-fingers anyone?

  6. Dave, it does resemble flaky fish come to think of it.


    Now you're talkin' my language...

  7. Tell you what - my kitty would get down on that big-time. Looks kinda like salmon.

  8. Steamboat, I think you hit the nail on the noggin!

    Those shreds do look like flaked salmon. Yummm...

    Actually, we had some grilled Alaska salmon a few evenings ago. It was fabulous. And flaky...just like this chick's fingers.

    Oh man...I'm hongry now!

  9. I just threw up a little in my mouth....okay... I lied....I hurdled across the room.....I am definately not nurse material....only Dr. material....I know...I know.... FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! :)

  10. The stupid shall be punished...but not nearly enough.

  11. Dude! That's what the Jump Break (More) feature is for!

  12. Yeah Basil, I know...I know...

    But, I was so roundly chastised for using the "read more" deal and throwing gross crap after the jump that nobody would click on it anymore.

    So, I just went with the standard "in your face" image on this one. I mean...everybody needed to see it.

    I mean...I do live to serve.


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