Friday, July 9, 2010

Gran aventura de Andy!

Hey y'all!

Ooooohhhhh...I'm so excited that I might just turn loose water!!!  I have been presented with an opportunity in the last half hour that I just can't pass up.  This evening (OUT OF THE BLUE) I got the chance to do something that I didn't have the slightest idea I would.

So, being the "adventurous" sort that I am, I said, "well, heck yeah!"

So, I will be ocupado all day mañana!  

I hate to tease y'all so much, but it has to do with getting out of town for a day, and some other junk with one of my sons, and The Mrs.!!!

I've been hoping for something like this for a looooooong time!!! 

God is good.  Just sayin'...

I will give y'all the full report on Domingo.  I'm gonna take my computer camera that Harmon's boss man let me keep when he fired me off the RP, too!  So, I might even have a picture or two to bless y'all with.

So, that's it!  I'll see y'all on Domingo.

Wish me buena suerte...

(But, you really don't have to, because I'm blowing this joint about 2:30 am, and got to hit the hay now, and I probably won't read all y'all's good wishes anyway. But, I KNOW you're there, and every bit as much as excited for me as I am for me, and I know y'all love me almost as much as I love myself, and junk.)


  1. Part ownership in a Matamoros taxi? I could make all sorts of jokes about entrepreneurial street pharma, too. But you don't do that. I think.

  2. Taking the Taco Truck to the border?

    Que duermes bien!


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