Friday, July 9, 2010

Is "Right Girl" right???

Hey y'all!

You may have noticed over the last little while that Andy's Place has become a big steaming pile of lack of originality, and a barren wasteland of anything much political.  Oh yeah, we throw the occasional shoe over some retarded move by ObozO & his circus, but for the most part we have steered clear of politics.

The truth is, there are a bazillion blogs out there that do it mo' better...with a much more informed fact base, true wit & passion, and with a vocabrulary of more than our 96 words.  But that does not mean that we are not interested in politics, and desperately concerned about the direction of our beloved USA.

I read a post early this morning that has been bugging me all day.  It was written by one of my favorite political bloggers. Most of you probably know Right Girl, but if not, she is a Canadian lady that is about as sharp as they come on politics, culture, religion, etc. in Canada.  And, dang near that sharp when it comes to American politics.  I can't read Right Girl's heart, nor mind, but in some ways I get the sense that she loves the US as much as her own native land...and is just as concerned for US as for her country.

I also like the fact that she is real high-tone when it comes to language, and has a very genteel way of addressing things.  Heck, sometimes a post will have only two or three F-bombs (when she's holding back, mind you).

Regardless, since I got NOTHING today (again), I thought I'd show y'all what she wrote, and ask your opinion of it.  Now, Right Girl ain't always right.  But then again, who is?  I'm not saying that she ain't right.  I'm just wondering what y'all think.

Right Girl seems to believe that the political right (read Republicans) in the US ain't got nothing either!  After you read it, you can come on back and tell me what you think.  But, only if you want to.  If you don't want to, you won't hurt my feelings.

That's all I got!  Have a great Friday evening, y'all!  I love y'all a lot.  I mean it!


  1. Blogger ate my comment.

    I think it's editing me.

  2. Okay -- it's back. Blogger is haunted.

  3. I'm certain it won't surprise you that I believe that Miss Right Girl just hit the nail on the head!
    I really like the guy from New Jersey, but he doesn't seem too anxious to jump into that mudpile.

  4. I was going to comment another couple of times to keep up with Moogie, but I can't think of anything to say!

  5. Nature abhors a vacuum. The lack of leadership on the right will be filled. Dunno who, yet, but it'll happen.

    (If you knew me well you'd be surprised at that little bit of optimism. It ain't my normal style, but I really believe it.)

  6. People want a villian to hate and blame all our problems on. The truth is that 6 years of Bush and the Republicans didn't save us and the 2 years of the Dems having control the congress with Bush at the Helm didn't help. You can't take on the world's problems with a war, cut taxes and pretend all's well with the world. We need to wise up, pay our bills and cut spending on projects that lead us no where. NRA - NEVER REELECT ANYONE.

  7. I don't agree with Right Girl. The GOP is in disarray, true... and it might be the End of the Right as we know it (And I feel fine. thankya, REM).

    BUT. Two words: Newt Gingrich. I'm hoping he'll run. Yes, the Dems will beat the crap out of him for his personal screw-ups, but the man has it together when it comes to ideas and values. And he knows how to win. I think he could take Obama.

    I don't think Tea Party time was wasted time, either. A few points were made, all of which involved getting back to conservative roots... i.e., less government, less taxation, no stupid-ass activist initiatives and laws, strong military. Several incumbents lost their primaries as a result and that sends a STRONGER message. There IS hope.

  8. Moogie, Inno, Jim, Buck, MUD:

    Thank you all for commenting. I asked your opinion of what Wendy wrote, and appreciate all of you for taking the time to call it like you see it.


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