Saturday, July 24, 2010

A question...

Hey y'all!  Good Saturday morning to one and all!

Ooooooh, it is hot down here in NW Louisiana.  We went and cut The Mrs. In-Law's grass yesterday, due to the fact that #3 son (her regular yard that racist?)  is at Fort Chaffee stinkin' Arkansas (just gettin' warmed up for SEC football) doing his Army Reserve Summer Camp deal right now.

I'm used to working outdoors, but I nearly melted.

He says he's pretty bored up there in stinkin' Arkansas (just gettin' warmed up for SEC football).  But, I guess it's a good thing when the Company Medic is bored.  Means nobody did nothing stupid.  Yet. 

So, I've got a question for y'all.

How do you access Andy's Place?  I mean, what virtual route do you take to arrive at this pinnacle of mediocrity?

Do you read our posts in a feed reader (like The GoobleReader®)?

Do you have our little ol' place bookmarked, and check in periodically for the latest foolishness?

Do you take the route of clicking through a link on your own blogroll, or the blogroll of another blog?

Or, do you take some other route not mentioned above?

Yes, this is a post that begs for comments.  Word verification is turned off, so it's real easy.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.

I'll be back later today with a story, and some nice pictures I took back in 1981.  I love y'all.  Y'all have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. My Choice: Your little ol' place is bookmarked... I check in periodically for the latest foolishness; especially when I need a chuckle! :) I can always count on your for that!:)

  2. What Dr. Jill said. It's a bookmark sitting over there on left side of the window, in the Firefox bookmark menu thingy. It has never complained.

    It has a big B next to it, too. I didn't put that there. It just magically appeared.

    Probably a "Blogspot" emblum.

    It's certainly not a Blimpee's sign.

  3. I think I first read something you posted on Mean o'le meany and now you have your own bookmark. MUD

  4. You're in my blog feed so anytime I see a new post pop up I run over here. Sometimes I just come anyway to read more comments or whatever.

  5. I clicked on your name from Car In, in a comment you made over there.

    I came here, looked around, liked what I saw and bookmarked you.

    I don't blog, so my bookmarks are like my blog roll. I visit those places at least once a day.


  6. I check in daily through a link on my own blogroll.

  7. I found you at Buck's and added you to the blogroll. I check you out several times a day cause there's always a good -- or at least bizarre-- conversation going on in the comments.

    I'm SOOOieee happy for your son! It's a good thing that, him being so close to Fayetteville and all, he's close to a REAL quarterback! (just preparing for SEC football!). ;-D

  8. Hey y'all! I'm finding this very interesting. And, surprising.

    Thanks for the comments. I actually do know how I ran across all of the bloggers that I frequent.

    JW, where is Carin? I lost her blog somehow. Did she move?

    Steamboat, Jimbo, MUD, Dr. Jill, Barry, thanks for the input.


  9. You are on my "blogs I'm following" list so that everytime you post, it shows me and I swing by.

  10. Oh Lou! I forgot about the Blogger "Follow" list. I knew there was "something" I was forgetting. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Whenever I feel like slumming, I go check out other people's blogrolls and whenever I see yours on theirs, I come over here. Usually it is one the fortieth page of the a search that I did.

    Or TheGoobleReader, I can't remember.

  12. Nyuk! I'll take visitors any way I can get them...even if they have to dig through other people's laundry to get here.

  13. I use blogger's follow feature, too, so I can see when something new pops up. It is usually funny, so I have to pop back every few hours to keep up with the comments.

    If I remember correctly, I found you in the comments at Moogie's, who I found through comments at IMAO.

  14. Thanks, Inno! Partner, I sure am glad you did find this Titanic of a blog because I have enjoyed the heck out of your work. Seriously.

  15. Magic I guess (?)
    Weird, when I type in "pie" or "Elena Kagan naked", I come straight here.

  16. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Nancy, this Titanic of a blog certainly is easy to access...

    Nyuk...triple nyuk!

  17. Late... but: my blogroll. I also use Google Reader, but only for those people that post six times a year and hockey blogs (so I can pick and choose which posts to read - I don't give a big rat's patootie for posts about Fish, or Flightless Birds, or ANY team from Canuckistan).

  18. Andy,

    Carin moved from blogspot to wordpress. Layed down some rules for the trolls, too, so they are not quite as bad now.

    Her new addy:


  19. Buck, you just gotta take your shots, huh? Nyuk...

    JW, thank you sir. I shall add that URL immediately. Much appreciated!

  20. Well, Andy, I happen to be of the female persuasion. My comments are fairly non gender specific. I read your nice comment over at Carin's.
    I take no offense. Just glad I could be of assistance. :-)


  21. Sorry I'm late, Andy. I got you book marked. I usually don't do much computer stuff on weekends, so didn't see this post until this morning (afternoon! Really late!). I've got about 4 or 5 blogs bookmarked including yours and Barry's that I look at on a regular basis. Wish I had time to read more the ones of the folks who check in here!


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