Saturday, July 3, 2010

What The Heck Am I??? (#2)

It's hard to believe that this is only the second "What The Heck Am I???" post I've done.  I mean, I have posted so many images of barely recognizable THINGS on this blog that I can't imagine I've neglected this wonderful idea I had of quizzing y'all about what the heck something is.


Anyway, one "something" made its' way to Andy's Place today (and it's a loooooooong story that I won't recount...don't bother to thank me), and I'm figuring we could use it for a little Saturday afternoon quiz.  This is not something that came off the worldwide computer.  Nope!  This is a real something that I took a picture of MYSELF!

So, I'm gonna show y'all two pictures of this one "something." 

Now, if y'all want to, you can tell me (1) what it REALLY IS, (b) what it looks like to you, and (3) if you could give it a "name," what that name would be.


There will not be any prize or anything for the best answer.  I have given up on trying to give Sadie away in contests, because y'all have all gotten wise to that (and people quit answering).

Well, maybe we will make recognition of astute quiz answerers when we do our next "What The Heck Am I???" post. 

Whenever the heck that is...


  1. Looks like a funny shaped tater to me.

  2. It's Dr. Frankenduck's Monster tater!

  3. What's the loooong story?
    you were digging in a grave yard last night, huh?

    Well, don't be surprised if tonight you hear a scary noise outside your window that sounds like...
    wheeeere's my mole?
    Wheerrre's MY Mooooole?
    WHERE'S MYyy MOoooole!?

    when you dug it up, was it wrapped in an old cloth?

    or, did you find it in a bowl of chili?
    or, your mailbox?

    seriously, get RID of it, Andy!

  4. That is Chaz Bono's mock-up sex change and after her...err....his approval installation was successfully completed.

  5. Umbilical cord that dropped off.

  6. HA! Y'all make me laugh!!!

    It is indeed a new potato. I should have put a ruler beside it to show that it is no more than one inch in length.

    Pam thought it looked like a little duckling. I thought it kinda resembled Jimmy Durante.

    Could be Chaz, though.

  7. It is a Mr McGoo tater, you can see his eyes.

  8. MUD, Mr. McGoo...that's who I was trying to think of!

  9. Well, since you live down that way where there's lotsa voodoo and stuff I thought it might have been one of those doll thingies ya stick pins in to cause people you don't like to yelp and jump and stuff. That was the FIRST thing that came to mind. The second was "potato," but I thought "Nah. That's too weird."

  10. Whatever it is, it's pornographic. Disgusting!


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