Monday, January 17, 2011



Okay, my grandiose plan to do this regularly has kinda' fell to pieces, but I was looking at a film last night that The Mrs. was watching.  It's one of her many hundreds of tapes, and I like it really good.  And, I just guffawed when this line was spouted by the main actor in it, so I decided to feature it on this wildly popular (though not often featured) feature here at Andy's Place.

I think it's worth noting that Two Dogs got the first quiz correct, and won his big prize...Tickets to the BCS Championship the next time somebody from the SEC doesn't play in one.  Sure, he'll be an old, old man...and I'll be dead and gone, he can thrash it out with my heirs.

This time the prize is tickets to the BCS Championship the next time Notre Dame plays.  So, y'all put your thinking caps on.  You're not gonna want to miss that ball game!  Well, you probably won't get to actually go to it, but you can leave the prize in your will to somebody...way on down your genetical line.

Now, Butch Cassidy is not in this film (don't worry, I'll bring back another Butch Cassidy film soon enough).  But, another of my favorite Actors is in it.  Buffy is in this one.

The quote is:  


Not many clues, I know. But, this one is so dang easy that even I know it.

Hey, I got one coming up pretty soon from a film I really like, and it's a slap in the face to Bo Schembechler, too. I can't barely wait...


  1. Name this one

    "I can eat 50 eggs."

  2. Sully, you're a friggin' genius!

    And, I know your quote. That was Butch Cassidy in another one of his earlier films before he was Butch Cassidy. I shall not spoil it for the ignurnt.

  3. Dang it, it IS Cast Away.

    The fun part about that movie for me is that most people called it, "Castaway," which it most certainly was NOT.

  4. Don't say "Dang it," still win tickets to the BCS champeenship next time The Dame gets in there.

    ...most people called it, "Castaway," Yeah, that was a really fun part about this film to me, too. Yeah, that was really fun.


  5. I know who can eat 50 e-eggs! I know who can eat 50 e-eggs!! La, la, la-la, la!

    I really am not interested in going to a boring ol' non-SEC BCS championship game, so I'll take myself out of contention for the Egg prize. Or give it to Buck.

  6. Moogie, Buck might be able to pass it on his will to his great-great-great grandchildren.


    Yeah, I know who can eat 50 eggs, too. There's no prize for knowing that, btw, unless Sully decides to come up with something good. Like, maybe one of his "paper plate ink blot" replicas or something.

    Those are pretty cool, btw.

  7. This time the prize is tickets to the BCS Championship the next time Notre Dame plays.

    You are EVIL. There's absolutely NO doubt in my military mind that you have 666 tattooed on your body somewhere. But please: no photos, mmm-kay?

    But we shall see ND in the National Championship game sooner than you think, and I shall be right'cheer to rag on you about same. AND claim my tickets.

    No less than three years, four at the outide. Mark your calendar.

  8. Oh, and I too know who can eat 50 eggs. That was back in the day when Hollywood made moobies worth watchin'.

    Just sayin'.

  9. Dang! Your quicktriggers here are faster right, than I can be wrong! I was going to say it was my life story, and my first words in the kitchen...followed by a cloud of halyon suppressant...

  10. Buck, you're a good man. And, a fine student of The Only Sport That Really Matters.

    And, a homer extraordinaire! Obviously.

    Skunks, Bwahahahahaha! Dude, I still hee haw when I think about your Turkey baking skills.

  11. I would tell you the answer but I have a failure to communicate. The biggest reason I have DirecTv is so I can hit that little button that tells me who the hell all the people are. But all you young pups haven't hit the big 60 yet!

  12. I would have told you that Paul's best movies were HUD and Hombre but I had to go look up the names of those movies.

  13. MUD suffering from a failure to communicate is funny enough.

  14. "failure to communicate..."

    Nyuking it up here, MUD. Seriously, chuckling, and can't quit...

  15. *ahem*

    I gotta hand it to ya, that movie was cool.

  16. Shake'n it, Boss!! Couldn't remember the other one, but I Fur Shure know'd who cud et 50 aigs!!

  17. Dances With Wolves?

    You knew that was coming.

  18. Yeah, I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it would take so long to get here.

    Thanks, Mayor!

    You win.


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