Monday, January 17, 2011

The Facebook ain't completely worthless.


One of my friends on The Facebook (who I've never really met, but comes up with good junk) posted this shot.  Allegedly, it was taken in Marshall, Texas (about 45 miles west of me on I-20), and paid for by a local citizen.

I want one.


  1. Heh. I SO wanna believe this is real and not P-Shop.

    So I will. Believe.

  2. I wonder if the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has changed their minds yet?

  3. Can't wait til you get your very own pic!!

  4. hasn't been branded as hate speech yet?

  5. I think it's probably real. Like I told Moogie on The Facebook, I'm gonna try to get over to Marshall, and see if I can run that one down.

    Would love to have an original shot.

    Skunks, Boogie is probably right.

    LemonLady, I imagine that the Nobel Committee is even more firmly convinced now that they did the right thing. Their goal is obviously to award the most inept amongst us. (With a few exceptions, of course)


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