Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Andy, your knees are BALD!"


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I stink as a blogger, and blog buddy lately.  Well, stink more than usual, I guess. 

So, last Saturday was a glorious day, and I spent most of it working on my crappy looking place.  Odd thing is, when I got finished, it looked just as crappy.

It looks like crap.


Anyway, The Mrs. noticed something.  Since my quite handsome legs had not seen the light of day in months and months, I put on my shorts to work outside.  And sure enough, my knees are bald.



I gots hair on my manly, handsome legs EVERYWHERE except my knees.  And, I figured it out.  This job I took a while back requires that I wear a uniform with polyester pants.  It must be that polyester rubs all the hair off your knees from bending, walking, and sittin' on your butt for hours.

Pretty interesting, huh?

Yeah, I thought so.

Hey, lookit!  I had told y'all about how The Mrs. is keeping care of our little great nephew for a little while.  Here he is.

His name is Tucker.  That's a fine name for a child. (He's a little white baby).

He's beautiful, and very sweet.  You can see in the picture that his little right ear didn't open up good, or sumpin', but Doc says it's more common than you might think, and it can get fixed later on.

Been a long time since we had a tiny one around Andy's Place.  Truth is, I'm kinda' enjoying it.

Gotta love the shirt, too.

He's cute.  Well, that's all...I'm just really slammed these days with business, work, family, etc.  I'll get back around to posting more pretty soon.  I know y'all can't barely wait...

Ya' know, one rule of blogging is that when you really got nothing else, post pictures of babies, and sexy legs.  



  1. Quit shaving your knee bones, Weirdo.

  2. Hey, buddy, great looking kid (I'll withold comments about the knees). We have a new tiny one wriggling it's way around our own Andy's place right now, and we like it, too.

  3. TD, you're just jealous.

    Yeah Andy, I saw that post in my Reader, but haven't gotten over there yet to officially comment and congratulate.

    Good work!

  4. ...when you really got nothing else, post pictures of babies, and sexy legs.

    Well, you got HALF of that right.

  5. I see the similarity of family ties in the knees.
    Yup, They're virtually identical.

  6. Cute baby, Andy. Really cute. Are you helping out any with the changing duties, etc.?

    My grandpappy said, "son, you got to watch that polyester; it'll get you every time." Thank God he warned me. Being bald on top, I'd hate to think I had bald knees too!

  7. At first sight, I thought, "It's the bees knees!" Then I read your explanation of your bald knees. I'm just glad you did not show us your bald butt.

  8. You know, if you ever get a hankerin' to take care of a youngin', well, I can hook you up.

  9. Is that an adorable baby, or what!!!!! He's a keeper!!

    Actually, I think bald knees are a good thing. Hairy knees belong to Hobbits or something, and then you have to worry about rings and Orcs and stuff. Keep shavin' them knees!!

  10. Dan, did they really have polyester when your Grandpappy was around? Just curious...and really just kidding.

    Buck, you are just as jealous as Paul.

    Lou, I got to thinking about that. My underwear is not polyester, so my butt is still hairy...but I did take a gander at the back of my legs where my trousers rub. Yep! Bald, too. If you want a picture of it, g-mail me, and I'll be happy to oblige, but you'll have to tell Toby the whole story first.

    Marc, everybody in my whole dang family has "wide knees." It's a trait handed down for centuries now. Seriously...I think it's in the Encyclopedia Britannica or something.

    Mr. Mayor, we don't do girls around here. Seriously...only tinklers allowed. But, I appreciate the offer.

    Red, regardless of what you and Paul might think, this is probably the least weirdo thing about me.

  11. Well, I think you are still doing a fine job. Keep up the good job & thanks for dedicating so much of your time for us.

  12. Hey Andy, that's a Handsome Baby Man child cept, he gotz Bald Knees, also too ?

  13. Anon, you are too kind. Really.

    Mick, thanks for stopping by! Sorry there's not much good to look at. And you're right...Baby Man has many family characteristics. One being wide knees, and a big head. We have big heads...

  14. Yore a braver, mo' foolhardy man than I is, to show off them knees, dude. I don' wear shorts...keep my WMD knees undah covah.

  15. You can wear shorts. Your weeds aren't under another eighteen inches of snow still. I don't like you very much right now. Just sayin'

  16. Lemon Lady, you're not the only one.

    Trust me.

  17. Okay, I see the baby; now where are the legs?


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?