Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awarding me...and it's about dang time!


Okay, so it seems I'm not ever gonna get around to claiming my Award that BR kindly bestowed.  It's not that I'm not extremely flattered, it's just that the work is too hard.

I can't honestly think of 15 blogs that I've "recently" come across.  I've been reading y'all's stuff for quite a while now, and since "recently" is not well-defined in the qualifications, Imagotta decline.

But, I made me up my own (much more appropriate) award.  You can have it, too.  And, it's real easy.  All you gotta do is tell 7 lies (whoppers, btw) about yourself, and then right-click, save to any comfortable location, and it's yours for the keeping.

1)  I am 6' 2", 185 pounds.

2)  I am an excellent bowler.

3)  The USC Trojans are my favorite college football team.  I actually bleed cardinal & gold.

4)  Rib-eye steak is my favorite food.

5)  I voted for Obama.

6)  I drive a Porsche, and once dated Morgan Fairchild.

7)  My favorite TV show is Oprah.



  1. Hey Kiddo! It was great to see you the other night.

    And, I was wondering who would be the first to spot that.


    Come see us.

  2. I don't think old men tell lies, just embellished stories to cover the fact that we might not remember the truth. I think a rib eye is about as good as it gets, but a lot of the other things might be true. What kind of mileage did you get with that Porsch?

  3. What of Oprah attracts you the most?

  4. I'm with MUD... more rib eyes!

  5. Andy, Dontcha need a name for your award? A couple quickly passed through my mind and were rejected. I'm not going there.

    BTW. Your whopper about Morgan Fairchild reminded me of something. What was that SNL comedian's name whose running line was, "Ahhh. Morgan Fairchild. That's the ticket."

  6. Jon Lovitz.

    Honestly, I'venever considered boogers to be terribly stylish. But then, I've never dated Morgan Fairchild or cheered for USC.

  7. Even pretending to like USC is totally unacceptable.

  8. Inno: I said "a whopper." Try to keep up here.

    BR: You have no idea.

    Dan: It was indeed John Lovitz that spawned the idear for that lie. But, I really did, but I made up for it with the lie about the Porsche.

    Moogie: C'mon! I know from whence you come. I think they gots a booger museum up there. But, I am QUITE sure you have never dated Morgan Fairchild, so I'm dispensing grace.

    Marc, I think it's the sexy intellect of Oprah that attracts me most. I mean, most stone foxes like Oprah don't have the brains to make a brazillian dollars. And, she supported Obama, too! I just love her show. In fact, if I can ever get to Chicago I'm gonna write for tickets to be in the studio audience.

    She might give me a car.

  9. You might need the car.

    You left out that you're psychic, you masterminded Paul's "Nude" series to send his 'hits' skyrocketing, and that you were a stunt double for Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson.

    Oh, and that you found D. B. Cooper's money in the wilderness, and built a sexual trauma clinic for tree squirrels in Oregon, widdit.

    Bigger and booger things are in your future, and you'll have your pick of 'em....


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