Tuesday, February 8, 2011



I swear, there are some real "know it alls" in this world!  Not one hour after my last sterling bit of bloggery comes an e-mail.  I won't say that this came from a relative, but I won't say it didn't either...

The writer was all like, "I hate to burst your bubble, Andy, but I was at your wedding, and you did not drive off in your '73 Dart Swinger.  It was your Granddaddy's old Pontiac Grand Safari Station Wagon that you took."

Like they would remember my wedding day better than me!  Well, let's us just see here, SmartAlec!

Here are me and The Mrs. on April 7, 1979, madly dashing toward the Escape Hatch.

And, here are The Mrs. and me just about to "DART" away in my Dodge.

See, I told y'all it was the same color as the one I found a picture of on the worldwide computer.

Does that look like a Pontiac Grand Safari Station Wagon to y'all?  I think not.

So, to my beloved old know-it-all relative acquaintance...

Bite me!

Man, I had a lot of hair in '79...


  1. Okay I'm sorry. Consider yourself bitten. HUGS???

  2. Okay, apology accepted. I'm gonna cut you some slack, because The Mrs. and I DID take Granddaddy's Grand Safari on our honeymoon trip.

    That Dodge was cool, but I think I was having some engine trouble and didn't want to risk it.

    I'm sure you had that in mind.

    Hug accepted.

  3. I'd take either of those old cars over the tin cans that are being sold today.

  4. That Dodge is cool. I had a friend who had one and I could tell you some stories...

    Toby and I drove off after our wedding in his 74 yellow Camero - very classy.

  5. Nice pics, even though they just CRY out for larger!

    What Inno said. I had a 1970 Dart Swinger 340, with a four-speed and a 4:0-something positraction (or whatever Chrysler called limited slip diffs) rear end. It wasn't all that fast (about 95 mph full-tilt-boogie) but it sure was quick. It had a mad love affair with Exxon, too, and rarely passed one of their stations without stopping in: ten mpg, highway. Ah... the Good Ol' Days.

  6. Sweet lookin' li'l Dodge. I only lived down there six months, so I'm plumb ignorunt when it comes to Louisiana wedding rituals and all, but I'm mystified by a detail in yore car pitcher. What is that white soap sudsy lookin' stuff all over the side of the Dart?

  7. Heck Andy, that's nothing to brag about. I had hair in 1979.

  8. Buck, I remember the gas mileage thing, too. But, I think my 318 got about 12 on the highway.

    Dan, I think it WAS shaving cream before a torrential downpour hit, rendering it thataway.

    Lou...show off!

    Staci, thank you ma'am.

    Jim, SURE!

  9. Lou, I'm very jealous here; I have a soft spot for old Camaros. When I was in high school and pumping gas, there was a guy who came in who had a '67 or '69 (I know I'm gonna get corrected here) black rag-top (and a black Harley). Seriously HOT car (and bike)!

  10. Had a friend whose '74 Dodge Dart had a nasty habit of leaking gas in the engine compartment and igniting.

    Apparently, yours had no such malady ;-)

    And yes, you hadda lotta hair then ;-)

  11. Staci and me are on the same wavelength. Exactly how many buttons came on the vest of a three piece suit back then? Did y'all use all them thangs to tuft your first Naugahyde couch?

  12. Deb, nobody is gonna correct you around here. If they do, Skunks will slap the living crap out of 'em.

    Right Skunks? And since you mention it, Skunks, the Dart had a nasty habit of sucking gasoline and pouring it in parts known, and unknown. It would do 0 to 60 in about two seconds, but you'd have to fill it up afterward.

    Paul, as I remember, the vest had 6 buttons. I could be wrong, but for a tubby cat like myself, it had the slimming effect of a corset. And honestly, I looked dang fine in it. Really I did.

    Just ask The Mrs., who could not keep her hands off of me, due to fineness of my duds. They were bitchin'...


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