Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, I figured I'd better catch up while I had the morning.  What's the old rhyme..."Shake, shake the Ketchup bottle.  None'll come, and then a lot'll."  Well, I'll try to make this as painless on y'all as I possibly can.

I started to blog about the weather, but that's retarded, because we all know that the weather sucks everywhere in the US right now.  While some places are suckier than others, it sucks everywhere, or will soon suck (except maybe in Florida where our resident "nanny nanny boo boo" Nancy lives).  So, why waste precious time talking about something that everybody knows?  We all know that winter sucks.

I swear, if I hear ONE more person say, "Well, we've got to have winter to kill all the bugs and skeeters," I will vomit.  That is BS.  I can kill bugs and skeeters with chemicals, thank you very much.

Oh well...whacha gonna' do?

Let's see what's up first.  Let's start with some well-deserved back-slaps to me.  Yep, to me.  First off, I have been awarded the coveted "Stylish Blogger Award," by our good buddy, BuckskinsRule.

See, I told y'all!  And, as much as I like to remain humble, it's true.

I think technically in order to receive the award (or sport it on your sidebar) you've got to tell 7 things about yourself, and award the award to 15 other bloggers that you've recently discovered.

That's gonna take me a while.  I am not sure I will be able to fulfill those duties, so I might have to pass this along to one of y'all.  I'll think about it.

Regardless, I appreciate it, Dave.  You made an excellent choice.

Just sayin'...

And, I'm gonna put it on my sidebar anyway, because...well, just because I am.

Oh yeah!  I forgot to tell y'all about how I dun winned me a prize!  Sure enough I did.  One of my blog reads, Militant Ginger ran a "caption this" contest a while back.  Yours truly had the bestest caption.  I don't remember it exactly, but it had something to do with soccer players being faggots, and how Roland's little boy was much too macho to play with the grass fairies.

Anyway, my prize arrived the other day.  And, it is this here.   Yep, the author hisself sent me a copy of his work.  He also sent along a very nice note, and even mentioned that it was 0 degrees the other day in NJ.  And, he made it clear he wasn't talking about any European pussified 0 Celsius, either.  He's a funny guy.

I am anxious to read it.  Roland is a Brit immigrant to the US, and I believe he has a great love of his new home.  The guy drives me crazy sometimes with some of his views, but one thing I've learned about him is that he has an open mind, and is NOT so arrogant (as many libs are) that he will not listen, and weigh facts.  I've actually linked to a few of his pieces that I found to be outstanding in logic and style.

He's a good young man, a very good writer, and I look forward to reading his novel.  The Mrs. is going to read it first, though.  She does my reading for me, and if it does not suck, she'll tell me.

Then I had this great idea!  I was thinking that after I get through reading "Bootleg Boys" I will run my own "Caption This" feature.  And, the prize will be Roland's book.  No, I'm not gonna buy Roland's book, I'm just gonna send the winner the copy he sent me.

Then, if the winner is a blogger, after reading "Bootleg Boys," you can do your own "Caption This" deal, and send his book along to the winner.

I think this is a smashing idea, and with any luck, several dozen people will get to read Roland's book over the next couple of years.


I think Roland would be proud.

Thanks again, Roland!  You da man!

Let's see what else we got.  Hmmmm....just a tiny bit of linkage here.  Ya' know, it seems like I've been linking to Pseudo's junk a lot lately.  And, I'm gonna throw two more at y'all.  The first one is really of no interest to me, because I don't know the chick.  I'm just linking to it to prove that I really AM in style these days.  This chick stole my "lounge around the house look."  Well, not exactly, but close enough.

And, I just laughed my head off over this one. 

Immigration officer puts wife on terror no -fly list so she can't come home


And, let's see.


Well, I reckon that's about it.  Y'all stay warm out there.  And safe.  And, I hope none of y'all lose electricity, or anything.  I'll be working the next four evenings, so I might not get back around to telling y'all about stuff again for a little while.  So, well, that's all.

No, wait.  There is GREAT news on the war front.  Did y'all know that combat ops in Afghanistan have "ended?"

Yep, the Pretender In Chief says it, so it must be.  I'm sure all our troops are glad to know.


  1. Great blog post, yadda yadda.
    You know, we really haven't got to visit since you started this working thing. I have a plan. I'm going to come to where you work and start acting out real bad. Bet we would get to visit then.

  2. Jimbo, that is an excellent idear! Come after 1400, and before 2230.

    Go in to the ER with a urine stain, your pants hanging down around your cheeks, and your ball cap on backwards.

    Be sure and ask for me by name.

  3. I think Roland would be proud.

    But what would happen if Roland hisownself entered one of these future caption contests and won... which is likely, given his language skills... what then? I've always enjoyed logic problems, especially circular logic.

  4. Buck's a smart guy!

    Andy - I think it's a great idea and I'm flattered - thank you!

  5. Andy, thanks for the link to Roland's site. Your caption contest is a great ideer, could be the beginning of an Alice's Restaurant kind of movement. And, to help resolve Buck's circular logic problem, I'll send along to you, with your permission of course, a copy of Liberalstein and a copy of Blood Country when it's ready. You can use these in the caption contest or even if the weather turns cold down there again, they'd make a nice warm fire.

  6. Buck, you pose an interesting scenario. Yes, Roland is a sharp cat, and would likely win at least a few times.

    That is, if the game is not rigged. Which it will be. Trust me.

    Dan, I've been meaning to get around to buying Liberalstein, and have been looking forward to Blood Country. I would be most honored to receive a copy (autographed, of course) when published.

    I think we're on to something here. We're gonna make Roland even more famous than he already is.

    No doubt!

  7. Hey Andy, haven't commented in a while, been almost as busy as you. Weather here as crazy as there, and cold don't kill skeeters or
    #@$%! Gnats! Warmed up to 70 plus last weekend after being in the 20's and I was swatt'n skeeters and
    #@$%! Gnats. In late January! If you do a caption contest, I hope you use the pic of Reagan and the young future....
    Got a great one! Might even email it to you in case I miss it! Later......

  8. I thought that guy who put his wife on the no-fly/terror list was pert near a genius, until he applied for a job that required a background check into his family. Durrrr.

    We get the skeeters and #&*%^@gnats from Yankee-land who migrate down here and think 40 degrees is "balmy." They never die! Heck -- they don't even nap much.


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