Sunday, February 20, 2011

Okay...I just need to look at whether this works or not.

If you see something on this here blog post, please leave a comment.

But, if you see that there is a comment already on this, don't leave one.   I'll already know that what I'm doing is working.  I'm moving in to the age of portability...and I'm trying to make sure that when I'm in the Port-a-Potty, that all my junk is read by all 13 of y'all.

This is gonna be an Gynormous adventure.

Damn!  These little bitty keys are little bitty, and I can't find my reading glasses.

Dang!  I have bought at least four pairs of reading glasses at The Wal-Mart, and I can't find ONE!

I'm pretty sure Pam is messing me around, and hiding my reading glasses.  She screws me around like that...and she thinks it's funny...she just laughs, and laughs, and laughs!

If she weren't A STONE COLD FOX, I'd have punched her right square in the nose.  But she is, so I don't.

sO, that'
s all I'm wopndering about.  Damn...these are little bitty keys.


  1. Thansk, iMNo!

    Comnents wil; n9s be c l9sed.

    Dang! These are some littl b8tty ke6s.

  2. There's words on that thar internet!

  3. Could it be the poor light in the porta potty?

  4. Ya hooked a WIFI ipad up in da outhaus. You is soooooooooo 21st Century!

  5. It looks like a post, only smaller.

  6. For some folks, if you put your close up glasses on, you'll be able to find your real close up glasses, that'll help when you've got reading to do.
    These are sometimes sold at Walmart, ask for directions.
    I learn something new here almost every day.

    and having a wife that laughs at / with you everyday will help keep her young looking. So that's quite a double edged sword but just smile and nod.

  7. HA! Y'all be hilarius. Y'all real;y macd my day with chining in!

    And Mrac, you are right...I do my b3st to give her s0me reason to st8ck around/


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