Saturday, July 30, 2011

Obama urges twittering...

This guy is such a friggin' waste of oxygen!!!

The imbecile goes out and commands his retarded supporters to "Keep the pressure on.  Call...e-mail...tweet..."

But, the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good thing is that ObozO assured the nation that he and his team are going to be hard at work ALL WEEKEND getting this y'all all need to  "tweet," so as to hep the boy out!!!

Keep the pressure on to do exactly what?  

I'm pretty damn sure that anyone that supports ObozO does not have even the slightest idea what they are supposed to twitter specifically.  Maybe they're supposed to "tweet" that "President Obama has got this all figured out.  His plan is what you should support."


Sounds like a good idea for a regular blog quiz.  "Name ObozO's Plan!"  That would be pretty cool, because NOBODY would ever be able to cash in on the prize, because ObozO has NEVER had a plan.  For anything.

Maybe they're supposed to "tweet" about how Harry Reid's plan is bitchin', and cool, and how he really, really knows junk about budgetary things because he has been in Washington for 70 years, and looks so damn youthful, too!  (I know it ain't Christian to make fun of the appearance of folks like Harry, but it's just the cold, hard, truth that the blazing Nevada sun, a lower fiber diet, and making deals with the devil will make your face look like his).

Just sayin'...

So here we are.  We truly are at a crucial time.  Seriously, this junk can not continue.  And, we've got a President of the United States urging his fellow idiots to "tweet."


Yeah, Really.

And, I had to look at Schumer's frightening mug, and Durbin's shit-eating grin during their lie-fest this evening.

We are so WAY screwed.

(I know that our nation fought a bloody, brutal war over "secession."  I'm thinking that we might ought to look in to "expulsion."  I'm thinking  Illinois, New York, and California would probably be enough to expel.  Using ObozO math, that would get us back down to all 57 States, like it's supposed to be.  I ain't no Constitutional scholar, but I bet there's something in there about cutting out ingrown toe-nails, nose hair, and cancer before you get so damn uncomfortable, ugly, or sick that you die, or look like you already have).

This is serious stuff.  

At this point, I'd say just go ahead on and default.  Go ahead on and affirm to the whole world what it already knows...

We're broke.  We're getting broker.  We've got obligations we can not meet.

Hell, everybody knows it.

I mean, everybody except for ObozO's "tweeters."


In moments like these, when I think about DC, the process, the massive hole those that came before dug, and the way the whole mess is being "played" by the putrid piles of pols,  I'm reminded of  Johnny Cash. 


  1. I will quote Doug Urbanski on this:

    "Since when is Presidential leadership defined by making America poorer? They will not address deep spending cuts, they will not address runaway spending. Obama is bankrupting the future. This is his strategy for winning the future."

  2. The thing that scares me is the media still supporting him and the idiots who listen to and believe that crap. I saw a woman on Fox last night who said the big O was a good leader and all our problems were caused by Bush. Some folks will believe what she says and still vote for this community organizing fool.

  3. Harvey, thanks for the link...and ain't it the truth!

    I swear, some adults finally show up in DC, and the tantrum-throwing juveniles just don't want to be told that they can't have any more candy.

    DC sucks! We seriously only have this chance. It MUST be done. The adults are going to have to be given charge. Heck, it might be too late already.

  4. Kartman, it is astounding, isn't it?

    Blind, ignorant, foolish tools...

  5. I like how I phocused on the ears, then they start to move, and I felt the breeze.

    How many days until his gig is up? about 465, not counting the damage he does between that date and the upcoming inauguration...
    I'm thinking those numbers will look a lot sweeter after the 1 year countdown begins.

  6. I don't have a twitter account. But I might get one just so I can un-follow BHO like the 40k or so others that have done so in the last few days.

  7. "lower fiber diet"

    Boy, does that nail the expression old Harry Reid always has on his face. He definitely need more fiber and lots of it.

    And Mr. Cash is certainly speaking for me right now.

  8. What you and everyone else said. Excepting that I would expel Massachusetts, too. And the District of Columbia.


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