Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inno does the honors, and wears the "Chicken Hat!"


Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, y'all might remember that our good friend, and blog buddy Roses (pictured here) crocheted me a special LSU purple & gold chicken hat (for which I shall be ever grateful, btw).  After showing it off, it became a smash hit, and everybody wanted one.  

You know you do.

Anyway, before Week #1 of college football, our good buddy Innominatus (not his real name) made the statement, "If your LSU Tigers whip the miserable Oregon Ducks, I'll wear that purple & gold chicken hat."  You see, Inno is a huge Oregon State Beaver fan (bless his heart), and as a true fan always pulls for whoever plays that other (highly over-rated) Oregon team that he despises.

Well, we all know that my Tigers did destroy, and humiliate the hapless, highly over-rated Ducks in Week #1.

Obviously, there was great joy in Innoville, and Inno was chomping at the bit to get his hands on that chicken hat.  It took me a while to get it to him, seeing as I can barely find time to tinkle these days...but I did.

Love it!  Duck hatred!

Eleshu!  Eleshu!  Eleshu!

Tiger food!  Nyuk...

HA!  My buddy, Innominatus (not his real name) outdid himself.  Thanks, Inno.  BTW, you look goooooood in that hat, pal.

BTW, I have it on good authority that he is standing in front of an enormous 48 star US flag.  Don't ya' wish that we still used that one?

Who will wear the chicken hat next?  

Well...stay tuned....


  1. I'm skeerd to comment~ I don't want to wear that hat lol

  2. Looks like posting pictures of me is a blog traffic disaster for the both of us!

  3. Stopsign - YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

    Inno - Sigh. It was worth a shot. I'm blaming it on everybody watching football over the weekend, and too busy to appreciate fabulous blogideas. They'll come around. Probably. Maybe. Probably not.

    Still, you look goooood in that hat.

  4. OK, I can't let this go! 40-27 wasn't really destroying, now, was it? Maybe a good whipping, but not destroying! LSU as good as they looked, did make a couple of mistakes!
    Now on the other hand, 35-0 with Wisconsin, now that's what I call getting destroyed! Then there was the OSU loss to Sacramento Community College! I'm predicting ANOTHER joyous civil war outcome for the MIGHTY Ducks of Oregon.
    BTW, Inno, you do look good in that hat! Almost as good as Andy!

  5. Paul, I love ya', and you know I do. KNOW that last touchdown y'all got was a gift one with all the starting defense off the field so as not to stub a toe or something.

    And, I'll admit that we did make some mistakes. Actually, TONS of mistakes, which is why it was so close. Actually the Duck game was good for us...helped shore up some mental mistake our feet wet (see what I just did there), and proved just how wrong polls (especially pre-season polls) can be.

    We're MUCH better now. Thank your Ducks for us.

    As to your prediction of a victory over Corch Inno's Beavers. Well...that one is hard to argue with.

    Just sayin'...

  6. Maybe the Beavs should've bought some recruits from Willie Lyles like a couple other schools I won't mention here...

  7. Ummmmmm.....

    Buck, I was HOPING to have at least ONE TD Jesus homer wear the hat before season end.

    Lemme see if I can think of one...?


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