Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Week 3


Of course, he didn't Quarterback until Sunday evening, and I'm not linking the piece until Monday morning.

Hey!  We're busy!


  1. Ever see that movie Blindside bout that kid who got adopted by some Ole Miss boosters? Cute (but true) movie. You'd like it.

    During the scenes when the kid was bein' recruited by all the big-time southern schools, they had the actual coaches instead of actors, wearing the stuff they would have been wearing at the time. St. Nick appearing in LSU garb, the Bowdens, and ol' mushmouth wearing Gamecock stuff.

    I thought it was cool, but you'd probably find it heartbreaking. :)

  2. Inno, indeed I did. We have it on DVD, and have watched it a dozen times probably.

    In fact, I wrote a short review of the movie, and it became a real traffic driver to this hyar blog. Seriously, it generated thousands of hits, even though it sucked like everything else I write.

    It's right here.

  3. And Houston Nutt was at Arkansas. *involuntary shiver*

  4. Yep, Moogie! I remember them days. Thank God y'all finally shuffled him off to the college football hell where he was destined to live.

    Seriously...I mean, all the bad jokes have already been made.

    I'm offering up prayers and supplications for y'all to beat St. Nick & the 'Bamaroids. If y'all do, will you wear the chicken hat in honor of LSU homers everywhere?

  5. Oooh. That's a tough call, seein' as how we play your Tiggers the day after Thanksgiving and I can't really sport the purple and gold until after that game, lest I collapse in a puddle of melted Moogie. I don't own a Hog hat myself, but I have old cheerleader uniforms (that, on a skinny day, I might be able to squeeze one leg into) that I'll offer you to wear in order to honor the downfall of El Saban.

    What's gonna happen when Arkansas meets LSU in the BCS Championship game?!?!

  6. Moogie, after Thanksgiving we will talk about it.

    I will gladly wear a Hawgz cheerleader skirt if y'all beat St. Nick. Nothing would make me happier.

    As to y'all v. us in the BCS champeenship...ain't gonna happen. One of us will have at least one loss, and I can't see a one loss team in it this year, unless it's y'all, us, or 'Bama. No way two of us will make it.

    But, it's fun to think about. By Thanksgiving we could just see the real Championship game.


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