Saturday, September 17, 2011

So, what's a body to do when said body has four million ideas for a blog post, and has a day off, and can't decide which is the best?


Well...said body just throws 'em all in to one monstrosity of worldwide computer futility.

Yep!  That's what said body do.

So, QUICK!  What is the worst team in all of College Football (regardless of Conference, or Division)?


Nyuk!!!  Lost by 23 to Vandy!


So, what has Andy been doing today?  Well, I'm glad y'all axed!  I been making me a sign, and posting it on my Live Oak Tree in the front yard (that the wetback tree trimmers damn near killed a few years back).


Yes, there is a subliminal message in there for somebody that just might happen upon this monstrosity of a blog post.

I like The Skype®!

Yep, I really do.  I had heard about The Skype®, but never really was too much interested.  But, when I learned from The Mrs.' cousin that came and stayed with us a couple of weeks ago how way cool it is for keeping in touch with young men while on deployment...well...I BIT, big time.  

Her cousin is a career Army EOD guy, who has served 1 tour in Iraq, and 2 in Afghanistan (Dang...I need to do a post about his visit, and the junk he talked about...and that documentary he pointed us to on The Netflix® about where he was.  Y'all remind me, okay?).  Anyway he said that The Skype® was bitchin', and the way to go for communicating with #1 son.

I had bought me a little Toshiba netbook a good long while back, and knew it had a worldwide computer video camera built in.  But, I never tried it.  So, I navigated my way to The Skype®, and it was as easy as pie to register up, and use it.   I have talked to #1 son on it, and it is just fabulous!

The Mrs. even bought her a worldwide computer video camera to use on her machine.  It's a good one, too.  She went with the $39.95 Hewlett Packard model that is crystal clear!  (Y'all fellows don't be getting no ideas, okay?)

I said all that to say that Andy is officially on The Skype®!  So, if y'all want to friend me on The Skype®, just send me a computer letter, and I'll tell y'all how to be my The Skype® friend.

It's free.  And, you get to look at me face to face.


Here is a picture of an inbred cat, courtesy of Paul The Fireguy.

Here is a great video of what happens when cattle are confronted with something new. 

I just love me some cows...and really have always been fascinated by the herd mentality.  Blog buddy Deb sent this at me, and it was a smash on The Facebook®.

And finally...our good buddy Innominatus made good on his pledge to wear the LSU purple and gold Chicken Hat that Roses crocheted for me if my beloved Tigers whipped his hated, then #2 ranked Oregon Ducks.  (Which we did in week 1).

Nope!  Can't put those pix in here.  That deserves a post all by itself.  Nyuk!!!

I'll get at it after supper.   Y'all stay tuned.

Yeah, I had the day off...


  1. If you could move cattle from pasture to pasture with a remote-controlled toy, that would be so cool. I have seen a herd of cattle chase a coyote across the pasture, but never anything like that video.

  2. I saw the cattle vid via a link from the shoebox blog... which has some really cool stuff.

    Skype, eh? I'm a Luddite (of sorts) and have yet to mess with it. SN1 is a BIG user, so I just might buy in.

  3. I didn't want to step all over your chicken post, but you seem to be taking a long time finishing your supper. So I'm gonna pull the trigger on a couple of 'em and do the rest tomorrow.

  4. Makes me want to get

    A) an RC car and

    B) up to mischief at a local farm


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?